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Cookie Policy

Indazo: Our Cookies and Personal Data Policy

To comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations we have recently conducted an audit of the cookies of our website (April 2012) to be certain that we are meeting all necessary regulations in relation to our users.

Our website will use different types of cookies to gain access to and place information on the computers of our visitors. To learn about cookies and how they are used by websites, please see

The next portion will explain our position on the use of cookies on our site including how we store them and how we use them.

In Summary

Our current assessment of the cookies used by our website is as follows:


First-party cookies will be used to follow how clients and other visitors use the site and also how it is found. The activity that is reported will used only for the purposes of improving the function of the site and monitoring the site overall.

1.) Session ID (PHPSESSID) – This information is stored temporarily on the site as you look at different pages to allow you to move freely without being asked the same questions more than one time per session.

2.) Google Analytics Cookies

__utma – Determines unique visitors to your site and expires in 2 years

__utmb – Establishes and continues a user session on your site and expire in 30 minutes

__utmc – Decides whether or not a new session is to be established for any user and will expire when the browser window is closed

__utmz – Calculates search engine traffic and ad campaigns in addition to page navigation within the site and will expire in 6 months

3.) Consent cookie – Keeps track of the permissions given by the user to store cookies on their personal computer


The use of third party cookies on any website is controlled by the website owner, but the content, domain and management of data cannot be controlled by the website owner. While the website owner does ultimately decide to allow these third party cookies, they have no control over their use in any way.

The outside third party may collect data about your visit to our website to help with advertising, marketing and other portions of the business. Because some individuals may find the use of their data invasive, we openly list the third party services that we use so that you the user can manage the settings of your own system to control data that may be transmitted.

The third party sites that we use are:

Google +1




Users want to be aware of the privacy implications due to the use of cookies and the scope in which the data retrieved may be used. You have the option to delete any cookies from your personal computer at any time as well. You can manage the cookie settings of your own computer in the management tools of your browser window as well.


The use of new providers on our site may result in the storage and creation of more cookies on your computer when you use our site. When we are using new providers, the use of the provider and cookies that will be created will be listed in this space.

No other trials are being conducted at this time.


If you have a website yourself and are unsure as to whether it is EU cookie compliant, please contact us. We can conduct a full audit on your site and advise which cookies to continue using so that you are compliant. Contact for more information.

For more information about how we use cookies, please contact us.