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LS Forex Case Study

The Situation

LS Forex System is a Forex spread betting website. Phil Seaton, the developer of the LS Forex system originally began trading back in the late 90s. At that point he had yet to discover the secrets to trading success and was apt to try virtually anything out on the markets. He then worked on this approach over the next few years, testing every idea or concept that he could come up with or that others had used previously and ended up with a few core principles, a trading philosophy and a complete set of trading rules which were very robust and very profitable over the long term.

Our Approach and Methodology

As part of our strategy, we undertook both the SEO and PPC activities for LS Forex System.

On the PPC side, we built a brand new campaign from scratch. Working in conjunction with Phil and the SEO team, we selected a broad range of keywords to target and created a number of Ad Campaigns. We used broad, phrase and exact keyword matches across the campaign, and created a number of specific landing pages for searchers. Conversion Tracking was enabled and full use of Ad Extensions (including Telephone, Sitelinks and Location) was implemented.

Benefits Delivered

This PPC campaign was a resounding success in terms of traffic, and most important for Phil, conversions. LS Forex literally became a household name in Forex Spread Betting terms and resulted in traffic reaching over 68,000 in 1 month alone (51,000 unique).

• Traffic increased from just 6,800 a month to 68,435 per month.

• An increase in sales of over 1000% to date.

Decrease of bounce rate from 67.2% to 30.53%

• Conversions increased from 1 per month to an average of 7 per day (210 per month!!)

Click Through Rate of over 4.5% and Conversion Rate of 3.4%

Client Feedback

I have been amazed by the work that Amit and the Indazo team have done. Between their SEO and PPC work, they have turned a small business into one that I can now work on full time and with extraordinary results. Very thankful to all!
– Phil Seaton