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Need pricing on a search engine optimization package, corporate branding consultation or other assistance? Indazo offers a gamut of services in the form of Web designing, SEM, SMO, PPC, CMS and Open source solutions. Provide us with extensive details of your needs and requirements for easier effort estimation and more clinical results. Please provide Indazo with the following information, so that we can provide a quote for an affordable Seo campaign to suit your small business anywhere in BC, Canada, USA, or Internationally.

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Custom SEO Packages

Indazo let you choose your own customized Full Service SEO Package meeting your needs and budget. We’ve tried to design the packages at very reasonable and competitive prices while keeping in mind the kind of SEO campaign your website may require.

Without any hidden cost or false commitment, our packages and services are transparent offers where you can see all the features of any package before you purchase.

Bhopal Office:
Third Floor Jyoti Cineplex
MP Nagar, Zone 1
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
India 462011

Telephone Numbers

Call Us India: +91 22 4090 7227

Call Us United States: +1 646 500 8685

Call Us United Kingdom: +44 20 7748 4446

Call Us Skype ID: Indazo


“We have seen our business grow by over 100% over the last year“

Amanda Nixon, New York - USA

“Indazo have managed to drive more quality traffic to our website“

Jonathan Stewart, Nottingham - UK

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

James Lieu, Singapore - Asia

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

Jackie Brown - London, UK