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Server IP

The Server IP allows all of the devices in a network to communicate with each other properly. This can be shown to be the same type of communication system as using a home or office address to receive mail.

There are two types of IP address, one which is static and one which is dynamic. A static IP address is one that is fixed and does not change, this is something that is not available in all areas and also may cost a little bit extra each month. A dynamic IP address is one that is always changing. It is obtained automatically by your computer every time the user connects to a network so the user doesn’t have to know the details of the network they are using’s specifications. The dynamic IP is given to a computer by the internet service provider from a pool of IP addresses.

With the numbers of computers being used growing dramatically, the number of IP addresses have been running out. Therefore, a new pool of IP addresses have been created, this takes the form of the pools IPv4 and IPv6. This just means the IP addresses are written in different ways but all mean the same thing.