URL Rewrite

URL’s are used to tell any website what information that they should show the user. They are also seen as one of the quickest and best ways to improve and optimise a website, as it does not involve hardly any changes to the websites structure.

URL’s can be rewritten to show the user what product or service is shown on that page in a simpler way, rather than having a sentence of code which does not plainly state this. Doing this has another advantage aswell, it enables users to pass a rewritten and simpler URL onto someone else.

URL rewriting is easy to show a user what is being shown clearly on a particular page, but the science behind it is writing a URL that is easy to understand for the user and also, one that can be easily translated and followed by the server.

Rewritten URL’s that are done correctly, can also have a positive effect on Search Engine Rankings. By rewriting a URL that contains the search term in that page, it can make that page higher in the search engine rankings.


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