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Web 2.0 Website

Web 2.0 is no more an extrinsic concept which can be contained in buckets outside the boundaries of the companies and organizations. The separations are getting less visible and organizations of all types and size are witnessing a huge growth of the social and the community web. With the advent of web 2.0, websites and e-commerce business has got new dimensions in the world of internet. It has advantages of increasing user interactivity over web 1.0 which was a traditional way of website designing.

“Web 2.0 – Latest Trend in Web Design and Development”

It is a revolution in the world of website design, development and can be assumed as another form of web based communities like social networking sites, communities, forums and many more hosted services that aim to encourage creativity, user interactivity and sharing of views and information between users. One of the key things you would notice with Web 2.0 web designs are its simplicity, clean look and feel. Web 2.0 web designs are all about usability, and navigation is closely link to usability. Another article written earlier on this year 3 click rule suggest that in order to create highly usable designs, users shouldn’t have to make more than 3 clicks to reach their desired destination.

Web 2.0 websites are effective at attracting users and encouraging interaction. We have only briefly discussed the 4 key design elements and it must be noted that further more features combine to create a successful web design. Our Web 2.0 Services includes the following:

Web 2.0 Website Design
Web 2.0 Website Development

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