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9 Remarkable Blog Writing Tips for Better Revenue

Blogging is one of the best ways to create public awareness. Businesses use it extensively to connect with their audiences. However, to reap substantial benefits they need to embrace certain ever green blog writing ideas.

Here are a few blog writing tips to improve your success rate:

  1. Interview experts – This is important when you want to write an effective post. All you need to do is to approach an industry leader or a successful entrepreneur for a detailed talk. This will help you to develop a perfect blog having fresh content, original quotes, and current trends.
  2. Send emails – Create an email list and send regular blog posts to your subscribers .This is the quickest way to get instant exposure.
  3. Brainstorming –Hold a brainstorming session, where industry leaders and other experts can share their views and ideas on a particular subject. This will help you to develop a nice post on a specific subject.
  4. Share more – Blogging is one of the best ways to share ideas, opinions, and comprehensive information with your audiences.
  5. Address problems – You need to address widespread problems by providing the most suitable solutions in your blogs. You need to provide “quick tips”, “how-to”, “guides”, “secrets” and “tutorials” to solve your customers’ problems.
  6. Write your post in the form of a story – For the maximum possible reach, write a perfect story or cite a case study that provides an insight into the industry.
  7. Include statistics – In order to make your article authentic, use facts, figures, screenshots, government resources and other authentic elements.
  8. Search new ideas – Use “buzzsumo” or other powerful tools to analyse the best performing content on the web. This is a good platform to search new topics.
  9. Analyze your competitors – To create a healthy and effective post, study your competitors who are developing the most actionable and useful content.

Use these Blog writing tips to improve your success rate.

Quick tips:

  • Publish actual interviews.
  • Optimize your blog posts.
  • Provide free e-books to download.
  • Repurpose your content.
  • Write content that can address customers’ problems.
  • Use good subtitles, bullet points, and CTAs.
  • Focus on social sharing, authentic inbound links, and editorial citations.

Quick facts:

  • On an average, Google’s top result gets 36.4% of the clicks.
  • Research shows that 64% of search users will respond to relevant headlines that are written in sentence case.
  • Successful on-page optimization requires 50% of your focus to be on long-tail keywords.