Accelerate Growth with Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses have tons of data; however, they often fail to utilise it. That is why, they should use powerful business intelligence software tools to drive expected results.

Vital Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools:

  • Eliminate future risk

  • Align business operations

  • Enable quicker and smarter decisions

  • Help to gain insights into customer behaviour

  • Improve cross-selling opportunities

  • Data integration, governance and compliance (84% of marketers saying they don’t believe their data sources are well-integrated.)

  • Help to achieve the maximum ROI and improve business performance

  • Help to identify business’s strengths and weaknesses

Business intelligence tools ensure consistency, supervision, reporting, auditing with monitoring and manageability across the business.

Here are a few powerful business intelligence solutions:

Yellowfinbi (Productivity booster BI tool)

Do you want:

  1. Better ROI

  2. Increased business performance

  3. Faster and smarter decision making capabilities

If yes, choose Yellowfinbi. This is a powerful BI Platform that supports both the analyst and business workflows.

Features of Yellowfinbi:

  • Interactive and intuitive functionality

  • Easy accessibility of dashboard

  • Extraordinary insights

  • Enabled collaboration

  • Data visualisation and governance


This is a productive, all-in-one business analytics dashboard. It provides you the power to monitor and manage all of your marketing channels, such as:

  • Email marketing,

  • SEO,

  • SEM,

  • Social media,

  • Web analytics, and more.

Features of Cyfe:

  • Custom visualisations

  • Unlimited users and dashboards

  • Custom domains and logos

  • Historical data

  • Track multiple websites

  • PDF/CSV exports

  • Multiple sharing options

Benefits of Cyfe:

  • Monitors individual departments.

  • Securely displays data.

  • Downloads or schedules email reports

  • Effortlessly enhances and enriches organisation processes


This is an insightful Big Data analysis tool for businesses. It helps to interpret customer behaviours and interactions with great ease.

Features of Sisense:

  • Drag-and-drop user interface

  • Wide range of widgets

  • Eye-grabbing visualisation

  • Interactive browser-based dashboards

  • Integrates with web portals

  • Ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data

  • Complex business queries without programming or SQL writing

Benefits of Sisense:

  • Cutting-edge database technology

  • Multi-dimensional analytics

  • End-to-end business intelligence

  • High data processing potential


This is an easy-to-use, innovative and productive enterprise analytics platform that delivers intuitive dashboards, visualisations, robust mobile application and much more.

Features of MicroStrategy:

  • Enterprise reporting and data discovery

  • Rich dashboard

  • Embedded BI

Benefits of MicroStrategy:

  • Creates sophisticated and personalised reports

  • Creates enterprise applications

  • Improves productivity across organisation

  • Transforms data into real-world intelligence

  • Scalable data governance

  • Ensures a seamless result-orientated experience

Clear Analytics

If you are not using it, use it now. It allows businesses to manage their tasks and reporting, administrative and sharing capabilities, scheduling, governance, and audit in a streamlined manner.

Features of Clear Analytics:

  • Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) approach

  • Eliminates the need for a data warehouse

  • Sophisticated data governance

  • Anyone who uses MS Excel can use Clear Analytics

  • Easy to trace and audit data

Intelex Business Performance Management Software

This is user-friendly, flexible, productive and very effective business analytics software that integrates numerous solutions into one robust package. This software combines tools for document control, records management, training management, etc.

Features of Intelex:

  • Easily tracks, manages and generates real-time reports

  • Task management and email notification

  • Powerful functions to manage your business data and processes

Business intelligence tools are indeed a boon for businesses. Just with a click of a button, you can analyse and manage the most difficult task. So, use these smart business intelligence tools to bring a positive change in your business.