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Actionable Online Marketing Techniques

Online businesses often grapple with multitude of problems such as tough online competition, lack of traffic, low rankings, negligible conversion and minimum ROI.

So, the best solution is to plan a comprehensive online marketing strategy according to your business objectives. Whether you are running a big online store or a small one, you’ll get good results once you follow proven techniques of online marketing.

Here are a few online marketing techniques for business owners:

Develop a Loyalty Program

Develop a “Loyalty Program”. This is one of the best ways to improve traffic as well as conversions.


  • Understand needs and personality of your customers.
  • Resolve complaints and protect their interests.
  • Motivate them and enhance their knowledge.

Build better relationships

The best formula for a successful business is to build better relationships with customers. For that, you need to share positive experiences, listen to your customers, help them at every step and provide them with solutions.


According to a study, 81% of respondents indicated that their friends and family directly influence their purchasing decisions.

Use Facebook carefully

If you want to attract the maximum number of customers, you need to use Facebook. You should share your articles, blogs, quotes, images, and videos on a regular basis. This is important to extend the reach of your online store.


  • Regularly post special offers, discounts and other details.
  • Always encourage fans to share their views and opinions.

Add social media buttons to your online store

One of the most effective ways to encourage shares is to add social media buttons to your online store.

Social media icons can be clicked to share content to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites. For maximum results, place it either left or right side of your content.


  • Adding social media buttons is a fast way to encourage sharing.

Share high quality stuff on social sites

Create, curate and promote high quality content on social networking sites. If possible, focus on inspiring your customers, rather than aggressively sharing products or services. (Sell the Experience, Not the Product)

Add value to your online store

If you want to improve traffic and conversions, add value to your store. You can do this by offering your products at the competitive rates, offer discounts, and provide free shipping as well as online tutorials.


  • Analyse your competitors to build your own marketing strategy.
  • Try to explore the potential product issues and provide solutions.

Simplify the shopping experience of your customers

If you want repeat and loyal customers, you need to make your website as simple as possible. It should have:

  • Clean structure
  • Easy navigation features
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Easy and secure payment system

You also need to update your store frequently according to the trends.


  • For maximum effect, you need to optimise your online store.
  • Add blog and FAQ section to your site.
  • Add security certificates and newsletter feature to your site.
  • Measure and optimise your marketing efforts.

There are countless ways to improve traffic and conversion; however, a well planned online marketing technique can bring huge change.