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Use Facebook to build your Brand & attract more Customers

Facebook is the largest social network and brands use it to extend their reach. However, devising a winning strategy for this powerful platform is not always easy. It needs a complete understanding of its features, current marketing trends and expertise to devise a result oriented marketing plan.


  • Facebook’s user base grows by eight people per second or 7,246 people every 15 minutes.
  • There are now more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook.
  • Videos are the most shared content type on Facebook.

Here are a few Facebook marketing strategies for business owners:

The best way to put your content forward is to tag others in your Facebook Post. In fact, this is the right way to promote your brand.

Use trending topics in your posts to connect with people and engage them in a conversation. It is one the most powerful ways to attract people to your brand.


  • Strategically use keywords in your posts.
  • Use hashtags to drive more traffic to your Facebook page.

Use hashtags across your post, to improve its visibility as well as success rate. (Tip – Never use too many hashtags, it may harm your brand.)

Create stories to engage more and more people. It will not only encourage people to look into your posts and get involved, but also help them to know your brand.


  • A study found that posts with 40 characters or less perform the best in terms of engagement.
  • Facebook is a consistent driver of referral traffic.
  • Images account for 87% of the content shared on Facebook.

According to certain online studies, non-promotional content can do wonders on Facebook. You can mix and match your business promotion strategy to provide both promotional as well as educational content.

One of the best Facebook marketing ideas is to focus on creating content that fulfils your business objectives. You should always try to create content to:

  • Improve the understanding of audiences
  • Enhance their knowledge
  • Convey your messages
  • Update them regarding business processes or promotional offers
  • Educate and entertain them.


  • Keep track on your posts to know which one is doing better.
  • Add images to you posts to improve its readability and reach.

Use high quality and original images rather than stock pictures. It will attract more users and encourage them to communicate with your brand.

One of the major advantages of using Facebook page is that you can target specific audience on the basis of their location. In fact, this is an organic and organized way to reach and engage targeted customers. This is really vital for local businesses who want to increase their brand awareness.


Facebook is an advertising platform that allows businesses to target users on the basis of their interests, behaviour, location and more.

For maximum control, you need to use Facebook management tools; these tools help you to measure, monitor and track your social activity and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. (Tip – You can use top Facebook management tools such as Buffer, SocialOomph, SproutSocial, etc.)

So, focus on creating successful Facebook marketing strategies to build your brand.

Top Reasons to Use Facebook for Business Promotion