Best Online Marketing Practices for Better Conversions

Improving a website’s visibility in Google search results is difficult because it involves complex techniques, strategies as well as best practices of online marketing.

Here are a few best practices of online marketing:

Focus on conversion rate optimization

Here are a few benefits of CRO –

  • Better ROI

  • Better user experience

  • Improved trust and confidence

Tips –

  • Track and optimise customer’s journey.

  • Improve the usability of your website.

  • Identify and optimise sales funnel.

  • Focus on abandon rates.

  • Focus on testing methods.

  • Simplify the site’s structure.

  • Use customer reviews on the site.

  • Write high quality product descriptions.

  • Use analytical tools. (

Keep an eye on general website elements

Creating a website is simple, but making it a revenue generating machine is difficult. That is why, it is important to focus on every element of a website.

Tips –

  • Optimise every single element of landing pages.

  • Persuade visitors by using videos on product pages.

  • Show top selling products.

  • Use bullets instead of dense paragraphs.

  • Always provide a calculator.

  • Show delivery date and time.

  • Never avoid security, safety, check out process and payment methods.(

SEO Technical Audit

For marketers, technical SEO audit is intimidating because it involves a lot of technical knowledge and experience.

Tips –

  • Never forget to check the text-only version of the cached web pages.

  • Check and fix broken links.

  • Use both internal and external links along with CTAs.

  • Make sure XML sitemaps are submitted to Webmaster Tools.

  • Check the robots.txt and make sure it is working.

  • Remove thin content.

  • Implement HTTPS.

  • Leverage browser caching. ( )
  • Regularly assess and improve the site’s speed. (

Use powerful tools

If you are an online marketing expert, you should use certain tools to improve your marketing efforts and get the highest return on investment.

Here are a few tools to use –

  • Crazy Egg – It allows you to create heat maps and track your visitor’s clicks. It helps you to improve your website’s usability.

  • Optimizely – It is a simple tool that allows you to measure and improve your site through A/B testing.

  • Clicktale – Use it to know users’ behaviour. It is basically a video recorder for website and provides great details about mouse movement, scrolling, etc.

Whether you want to attract traffic or improve the visibility of a website, it is essential to follow the best practices.