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Best SEO Practices for E-commerce Websites

Wondering how to combine multiple SEO practices, tactics and techniques to gain utmost advantages? Find out how to use excellent SEO techniques to improve your e-commerce marketing efforts.

Focus on Out-0f-Stock Items

Many e-commerce website owners leave the page as it is, if the item/product is sold out. You should immediately redirect the page to a new page or inform users when products will be available.


  • Use permanent 301 redirection method.

  • Redirect to parent category.

  • Delete expired products’ pages, content as well as URLs.

  • Strengthen product categories.

Focus on Products Pages with Little/duplicate Content

Write fresh content for product pages. Also try to add product specifications, rates and shipping policy for the convenience of users.


  • Add content to every product page.

  • Display relevant products.

  • Use links in product descriptions.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Focus on website’s architecture

Of course, it should be done at the beginning of the marketing; however, you can handle it by simplifying the overall structure of a website, internal link architecture and using advanced navigation patterns.


  • Keep the website’s navigation as simple as possible.

  • Optimise internal link architecture.

  • Use search-friendly URLs.

  • Use breadcrumbs on almost all pages.

Make a Wise use of User Generated Content

Nobody can deny the fact that user generated content is one of the best ways to attract and retain users. In fact, it has the ability to improve conversion rates.


  • Use testimonials on products pages.

  • Publish testimonial videos.

  • Ask “happy users” to give reviews.

Integrate social media icons

Integrate social media icons on product pages across the website to improve click-through rate. Also post real-time reviews from social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc.


  • Use different social media icons to show social proof.

Invest in a blog

Integrate a blog on your e-commerce website and maintain it. All you need to do is to hire a proficient and experienced content writer.


  • Provide complete content writing resource to writers.

  • Focus on proofreading and editing.

  • Regularly update your blog to improve traffic.

Invest in A/B testing

Some marketers think that A/B testing is one-time process, which is a wrong belief. It is an ongoing process.


  • Focus on optimising your enquiry forms.

  • Adjust your content according to the test results.

  • Use and optimise call-to-actions.

Use Analytics

Whether you have an e-commerce or a service-based site, it is important that you track and monitor every single activity. For that, you should use Google analytics. It enables you to track and measure your site’s progress.


  • Use analytics to find out the best performing pages.

  • Track user’s behaviour and set goals.

  • Focus and improve your low performing pages.

So, get ready to adopt these SEO techniques to shift gears for more substantial yields.