Effective SEO Techniques for E-commerce Sites

Have you ever wondered why SEO is the most valuable asset for e-commerce websites? The answer is simple – it helps customers to find your website on the web, maximizes profitability, and improves business’s bottom line and last but not the least is its being cost-effective.

So, if you have an e-commerce website, embrace SEO to achieve unparalleled success.

Here are a few SEO techniques for e-commerce sites:

Create mobile friendly website

 According to Google, people  prefer mobile to search products and services to PC. So, make your website mobile friendly.


  • Use responsive website designs.
  • Use flexible layouts and images.
  • Include a viewport meta tag.
  • Adjust your font size for maximum legibility.
  • Always use high-resolution images.

Categorise your products

Categorise your products,  keep the navigation structure of your website simple, catchy title and crisp description  of every product. If possible, provide different images of same product so that users can improve their decision making process.


  • Use the best e-commerce platform.
  • Write unique content for every page.
  • Optimise product pages.
  • Use SEO plugins.

Use cross linking

The best way to engage users is to use cross linking across the website. It  helps them to see “related products” and improve their overall browsing experience.


  • Provide sufficient links.
  • Provide your complete contact details.
  • Include product-related videos.

Ask for reviews

Reviews and feedbacks impact sales. In fact, they establish that products are beneficial and designed to help users.


  • Provide product reviews and ratings on every page.
  • Provide coupon and discount offers (if any).
  • Encourage satisfied users to provide reviews.
  • Ask users to share your products on social media sites.
  • Make your website fast and error-free.

Start a blog

This is one of the best ways to inform and educate users. It  establishes a better connection with users, and helps companies to beat their competitors.

All you need to do is to write fresh and high quality content to attract users as well as search engines.


  • Write and share original and specific content.
  • Create presentations, e-books and tutorials for users.
  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Write evergreen posts.

Focus on backlinks

Try to obtain high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites. Also submit your website to business profile listing and local business listing websites. Rely on social book marking websites.


  • Write high quality blog posts.
  • Create high quality videos and infographics.
  • Obtain links from .edu resource.
  • Submit your e-commerce site to blog aggregators.

The above mentioned SEO techniques can help you to meet your objectives.