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Empower Your Content Marketing

  • Do you want to create high quality articles?

  • Do you want to expand your writing skills and knowledge?

Here are a few content marketing tools to use:


Pocket helps you to save interesting articles, blogs, study material, videos and more from the web. Once saved, the list of content can be viewed on any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, etc).

Key Features of pocket:

  • Cross-platform syncing

  • Minimalist interface

  • View everywhere

  • Easy-to-view layout

  • Easily share via social media

  • Free download

Google Calendar

This is the most popular web-based time management and calendar application. Use it to see upcoming events in Google Calendar. Google Calendar is the perfect platform to plan content writing and promotion.

Key Features of Google Calendar:

  • Sharing calendars

  • Device synchronisation

  • Collaboration and sharing of schedules among groups

  • Drag-and-drop events view modes

  • Import Microsoft Outlook calendar files


This is the most extraordinary application that helps you to write and manage projects. It also helps you to transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, word documents and e-books.

Key Features of Ulysses:

  • Clean, distraction-free interface

  • Markup-based text editor

  • Typewriter mode

  • Keyboard Navigation

  • A Single library for all texts


This application specialises in analysing your writing for readability. It highlights difficult-to-read sentences, complex paragraphs, common errors, words with simpler alternatives, as well as passive voice.

Key Features of Hemingway:

  • Allows you choose among four different types of English (American, British, Australian and Canadian English)

  • A WSIWYG preview for the HTML formatting

  • A full-fledged spellchecker

  • Version compare

  • Formatting tools

  • Quotes formatting

Quip (A collaborative editing platform)

This is a productivity suite that blends:

  • Documents,

  • Spreadsheets,

  • Task lists,

  • Team chat

It helps teams to get more work done together. This powerful platform also has team task lists, applicant tracking systems and brainstorming whiteboards.


Prezi is designed to facilitate team work and collaboration, regardless of location. With Prezi, you can create and work on presentations. In fact, it helps to share and edit presentation at the same time. One of the most significant advantages of using Prezi is you can insert images, videos, sound, etc.

Key Features of Prezi:

  • Creates and edits presentations

  • Imports rich media

  • Zoom and pan on one slide

  • Group editing

  • Shared folders

  • Presentations library

  • Stores on computer or cloud, or both

  • Touchscreen iPad app

  • Custom iPhone app

  • Remote “hand-over” presenter tool

  • Presents on desktops or mobile devices

  • Offline presentation mode


This intuitive, user-friendly scriptwriting software, allows real-time collaboration, and seamless online and offline writing.

Key Features of Writerduet:

  • Works both online and offline

  • Industry-standard layout

  • Compatible

  • Advanced screenplay outlining software

  • Track change feature

  • PDF generation

So, use the above mentioned tools to empower your writing efforts and position your brand as an industry leader.