Productive Content Marketing Tools for Marketers

According to certain online studies, B2B companies spend more on content production and distribution than any other companies in this rapidly shifting business environment. However, the shocking thing is that most of their budget is wasted in unproductive elements.

However, if marketers set priorities, understand productivity tools and use them appropriately, they can achieve more in less time.

Here are a few productive content marketing tools:


This is a well-known social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Its community members can submit different types of content, such as text posts, images, infographics or direct links. This website offers a wide range of innovative online marketing services.


  • Start conversation with the community members.
  • Discuss popular products and services.
  • Share photos, videos and experiences.
  • Build a network (sub-Reddits) around an idea.
  • Use it to boost content marketing efforts.
  • Share latest news and upcoming events.

Creating and nurturing a community with such platforms takes a lot of time and efforts. However, if you have a product to promote, use Reddit wisely to promote it.


 If you want to write interesting content, you need to use Buzzsumo. This is the best platform to analyse the trending content and well-performing content across the web. Worldwide content marketers use it to gain an edge over their competitors.


  • Use it to perform competitive analysis.
  • Use it to know brands’ existing marketing strategies or tactics.
  • Use it to double your impact in the market.
  • Use it to identify the most-shared content in your niche.

So, use Buzzsumo to improve your brand’s current content marketing strategy.


 StudentShare is the easiest and fastest academic solution for marketers. It has the greatest collection of essays on any subject. Marketers should use it to make their content sound smart, fluent, evidence-based as well as trustworthy.


  • Use StudentShare to find research on any specific topic.
  • Use it to analyse scientific papers.

StudentShare can yield better outcomes.


This is a great brand monitoring tool for marketers. It provides brand’s information and insights in an attractive format.


  • Use this free online service to stay updated.
  • Use it to search and analyse user-generated content across the web.


This software enables marketers to measure content marketing to grow leads as well as revenues. It simply streamlines your content creation process. According to a study, leading marketers use a mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content.


  • Use it to find, organise, annotate and share the most relevant digital content.
  • Use it to get value added perspectives, insights, and guidance.
  • Use it to fulfil knowledge gap.
  • Use it to reduce spending on content marketing.


 Quora is the most useful question-and-answer website where questions/queries are asked, answered, edited and organised by its community of users.


  • Use it to improve your knowledge.
  • Use it to accelerate content marketing.
  • Use it to understand difficult concepts and issues.


This tool helps to discover and curate content. It allows you to publish the chosen content on different social channels according to your objectives.


  • Use it to educate and engage customers.
  • Use it to organise your company’s social content.
  • Use it to find news, insights, and trends.
  • Use it to target audience in a better way.
  • Use it to get detailed reports of social sharing.

All these advanced platforms and tools can play a critical role in content marketing. No doubt, they are worth trying.