Essential Factors to Improve Conversions

We all know that conversion optimisation is all about making a website user friendly so that visitors can take desired actions, which ultimately improve ROI. In pursuit of the same, marketers perform a wide variety of activities from improving a website’s speed, navigation features, internal menus, context to the removal of unnecessary elements.

However, despite implementing all these elements businesses fail to achieve the expected results. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is, they often ignore certain essential factors, such as:

Product description

Product description plays an important role in conversions. So, write brief and accurate product description. Users always look for accurate product descriptions, specifications, pricing as well as other instructional details related to products.

Return Policy

A simple and easy return policy attracts customers, which leads to improvement in sales. Try to avoid restrictive return policies.


Create return policies that can exhibit your company’s authenticity and transparency.
Never create complex return policies.

However, have you ever wondered why people return products and what can be done to avoid it?
So, here are a few reasons why people return products:

Incorrect product or size – It is a common problem; however, it can be avoided by creating excellent product descriptions, sizing details, instructions and by integrating “how to articles” or “videos.” into the web page. You can also provide high quality product images as well as customer reviews to improve the understanding of users.
Product did not match description – In order to avoid this, it is important to focus on the accuracy of product descriptions. You should invest time and efforts to craft unique and relevant product descriptions that answers the queries your customers.
Product did not meet the expectations – To stay away from such problems, you must avoid exaggerating your products. It will not only have bad impression, but also repel customers.
Wrong shipment – To avoid this, you must control your order fulfilment process, because if it is not carried out in an accurate manner, your business may suffer loses.

Customer Service Experience

Customers often search online for products and buy from traditional retailers to get better deals. Hence, if you want to convert visitors, you must improve your customer services. You must provide them better options as well as pre and post-sale support.


Encourage friendly communication
Ship exact products
Have a clear return policy
Publish customer reviews and product ratings
Provide product comparisons if applicable
Take advantage of holiday seasons.

Bonus tips –

Take advantage of analytics to measure your site’s performance.
Focus on content as well as design elements.
Understand the personality of users before pushing a product.

Conversion rate optimization never ends because it is an ongoing process. Of course, it is time consuming, but results in huge success.