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Fast & Smart Content Marketing Tools and Techniques

If you want your business to grow seamlessly, you need to focus on content marketing. Today, it is easier to create high quality content with the help of several tools and techniques.

Here are a few content marketing tools:


Feedly is the best tool to accelerate your content searching, reading, organising and sharing efforts. Use it to read interesting stories and news around a specific topic.

Use it to:

  • Streamline your content curation efforts.

  • Enrich your content writers with timely content.

  • Discover trending topics on the web.


This a great place to read, write, and interact. It is one of the best content publishing platforms that put your content at the forefront of users.


  • Use this platform to publish your ideas, stories and perspectives.

  • Use it to explore and follow your favorite writers.


This is a powerful social listening platform that helps you to know and understand your customers. The platform is good for tracking conversations and trending topics on social media in real-time.


  • Use it to track your industry trends and customers.

  • Use it to monitor your brand’s performance and reach.

  • Use it to measure social activities and their impact on revenue.


If you want to improve and streamline your writing experience, use Ulysses. This is an effective writing application for Mac, iPad and iPhone users.

Use it to:

  • Manage writing projects of all sizes.

  • Transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents and eBooks.

  • Schedule or publish your content.

Quip (It is an effective canvas for real-time communication and collaboration)

This tool helps to create, discuss, and organise work on any device. This is the smartest and fastest way to get the work done in a collaborative environment.

Use it to:

  • Build spreadsheets, and work closely with team mates.

  • Save time and accelerate your projects.


This is a simple online tool that allows people to create, embed, as well as share quizzes. It drives traffic and generates leads.

Use it to

  • Export leads to email marketing.

  • Create and customise your quiz.

  • Integrate CRM tools to measure performance.

SlideShare (It is a Web 2.0–based slide hosting service)

Extend the reach of your content, with the help of SlideShare. It is one of the most productive platforms for content marketers. It not only publishes content in an interactive way, but also helps in branding and lead generation. (60 million unique visitors visit SlideShare each month.)

Use it to:

  • Show your industry-specific expertise.

  • Grow your customer base.

  • Improve your rankings as well as traffic.


Use this platform to collect, nurture, and share ideas. You can also use it to write content and collaborate with team members.

Use it to:

  • Organise your personal and professional projects.

  • Capture and nurture ideas.

Bonus tips:

  • Use Tumblr to share your content and extend its reach.

  • Use Ghost to start your blog.

  • Use Uberflip to aggregate content.

So, use these smart content marketing tools to improve your customers.