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Festive SEO Do you wish you had started planning sooner?

We have had a busy week hearing from companies eager to try and boost their SEO during this festive season. While there are a number of things that can be done to boost things a little, we must say, the best Festive SEO is planned and implemented during the summer, when we are all thinking more about barbeques and vacations than Holidays and gifts.

If you didn’t start planning your SEO early this year, now is the time to learn what others are doing and plan for next year so you are a step ahead and ready to act when the summer comes along.

We know we have said this many times before, but SEO is a long term gig. It is not an overnight fix, especially if it is good quality white hat SEO. Any company claiming to give you overnight results in time for Christmas right now is to be approached with caution.

One of the main reasons you need to move quickly and be ready for Festive sales is that people are starting to shop earlier. They do not wait until December to buy their Holiday gifts. They also start keeping an eye out for Sales earlier in the year, well before New Year! So, this year, make a plan now, for next year.

Do some research so you can create a list of what people are searching for, how they are searching, and where they are shopping at the moment. Pay close attention to the keywords the top ranking retailers and businesses are using. The traffic starts moving in September and October, and this is a trend that doesn’t change, year on year.

The sooner you prepare the better your position will be. And don’t forget, if you are there first when people start to shop, your website will have the longest running natural traffic, and links – all huge boosts for SEO.

Here are our tips for next year’s Festive SEO:

Keyword research between now and the summer of 2014

Develop your plan in Jun/July 2014

Implement your plan from July/August 2014

If you need a boost this year, your best bet is to invest in some good Adwords, or PPC and internet advertising. Some adverts on FB might really help too.