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Follow the Best Online Marketing Practices for Desired Outcome

If your aim is to acquire and retain customers for long, you need to devise a sizeable online marketing strategy.

Here are a few online marketing practices for growing businesses:

Focus on mobile friendliness

If you want to outpace your competitors, improve the experience of your users as well as enhance brand awareness, create a mobile friendly website.

Tips –

  • Understand users’ intent before creating content.

  • Identify how your website appears on different mobile devices.

  • Study Mobilegeddon –
  • Use Google’s AMPs.

  • Create mobile friendly content to assist users.

  • Track mobile analytics to track progress.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most professional platforms that helps businesses to market their products/services and build connections.

Tips –

  • Don’t forget to create a profile badge.

  • Optimise your profile so that it gets visibility across the web.

  • Get your knowledge and skills endorsed.

  • Use LinkedIn groups for higher visibility.

  • Never forget to share your LinkedIn updates on Twitter and other platforms.

Never ignore UX

If your website is not interesting, useful and valuable, users will bounce back. Hence, as a marketer, you need to focus on UX.

Tips –

  • Never create confusing navigation structure.

  • Create valuable content.

  • Use images and videos.

  • Focus on building quality links.

  • Create e-guides and e-books for your users.

  • Use responsive web design.

  • Test your website frequently.

  • Perform usability evaluation for better results.

  • Study –

Start an email marketing campaign

In order to get results and retain customers, it is advisable to kick start email marketing campaigns. It is the best way to engage users.

Tips –

  • Create an extensive email list.

  • Compose relevant emails that can catch the attention of users.

  • Focus on creating personalised emails.

  • Use top companies for email marketing service. (Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc.)

  • Don’t forget follow ups.

  • Create an insightful newsletter to gain an edge.

  • Study CTR as well as open rate.

Start video marketing

Many marketers still believe that video marketing is expensive; however, in reality it is cost-effective and can help a business to improve its ROI.

Tips –

  • Make sure your product videos are accessible to everyone.

  • Use video to inform and educate users.

  • Be creative and innovative when it comes to creating videos.

So, follow the above mentioned best practices to get expected results.