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How to make “about us” page productive and actionable?

“About us” page is one of the most important pages of any website, unfortunately, it is the most neglected page as well. It must be noted that it is important to craft a suitable content for the “about us” page to attract as many customers as possible. In fact, “about us” page is the page, which makes you gain respectability and authenticity.

Here are a few ways to make “about us” page productive and dynamic:

  • Focus on your audiences – “About us” page is all about you and me; not only me, which was the case in the past. Talk about yours and your audiences’ challenges and difficulties.
  • Use facts and figures – You must add facts and figures to your “about us” page in order to make it relevant and authentic. This will reduce the overall bounce rate of your website.
  • Incorporate customer testimonials – Incorporating customer testimonials on the “about us” page can do wonders. This will build trust. Always make sure to include complete details of your customers.
  • Display awards and recognitions – This is the best way to convert visitors into your customers. Awards and recognitions also help to establish brand image. It distinguishes you from your competitors.
  • Use different forms of multimedia information – Besides plain text, you can use videos, images, infographics and presentations to engage customers.
  • Tell your story – Tell your story in an interesting way to highlight your brand so that it can have a personal touch.
  • Include your address and contact details – Always display your complete contact details to attract potential customers and encourage them to talk to you.
  • Remove broken link (if any) – Remove any broken link present on your “about us” page. This will act as a content quality signal.
  • Use bullets in your content – Bullets and numbered lists help readers to understand your content easily. This makes your content user and search engine friendly.
  • Avoid using outbound links – Too many outbound links distract users; so avoid them.
  • Add “about us” page URL to your sitemap – It is essential to add about us” page URL to your sitemap so that robots can index it easily. This will help you to improve the visibility of your web pages.

All these elements can easily make your “about us” page productive, reliable, readable and actionable.