How to Position a Small Business?

To position your small business, you need to gain an in-depth understanding of 3 Cs:

  • Channel,

  • Customer,

  • Competition.

So, you need to carry out a detailed research to devise a successful marketing strategy. A few things you need to consider while doing research

Listen to Your Customers

It’s critical to know about the buying habits of your consumers. It will help you to adjust your marketing campaign.

Determine the best marketing method

Today, there are many marketing channels (from social media, PPC, SEO to email marketing) that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, a careful choice is the need of the hour.

However, the best strategy is to mix social media, PPC, SEO and email marketing.

Take advantage of local market

All you need to do is to embrace local marketing techniques.

Here are a few local marketing techniques:

  • Optimise your website for local keywords.

  • Use local business listing websites.

  • Always choose the right business category.

  • Devise a proper link building strategy.

  • Encourage and respond to online reviews.

  • Engage customers through social media.

Update your website and blog

People are still to realise the importance of websites and blogs. They take it as a sheer waste of time, however, they can’t be more wrong.

Therefore, create, optimise and manage your website as well as make it user friendly. Integrate a blog in it for greater customer engagement.


  • Make your website mobile-friendly.

  • Audit your website (both technical and content).

  • Use high-quality images, videos, infographics and other interactive elements.

  • Create social media accounts and link them to your website.

  • Focus on website’s integral elements such as logo, website design, theme, CTAs etc.

Offer reliable services

If you want to carve your niche, you need to provide reliable and attractive services, such as free shipping, discount offers, easy return, usage guide, and much more. This will help you to develop trust amongst customers and encourage them to buy.

Simplify user’s experience

If your website has complicated checkout processes or navigation, fix it because users experience is important. Hence focus on simplifying the overall experience of users by taking care of few things.

For that, you should:

  • Keep the website design as simple as possible.

  • Improve the page load speed.

  • Simplify the navigation structure.

  • Ease its checkout process.

  • Have a clean call-to-action.

  • Simplify the process of product search.

  • Ease return policy, privacy policy, and product search feature.

All these elements will help you to position your small business in a smart way.