Importance of Product page Optimisation

No matter how much money and efforts you put in your online marketing activities, if your product pages are unable to attract customers, all your efforts are destined to go down the drain. Therefore, it is important to optimise product pages to improve revenues. A sound and effective product page can improve overall conversions.

Here are a few proven techniques of product page optimisation:


Most product pages are full of irrelevant information, which eventually distracts users. Therefore, create a clean and effective product page.

Keep design elements simple and attractive without blinking banners or distractions.


  • Use high quality product images.
  • Never use distracting images, blinking text or banners, ads.
  • Keep your content short and relevant.
  • Focus on product features and CTAs.
  • Offer payment processing options near the CTA button.
  • Provide reviews or ratings on product pages.
  • Use breadcrumb for navigational ease.

Product images

For the maximum impact, use clear and vibrant images of your products. If possible, provide different angular views for better understanding. This will improve the overall shopping experience of users.


  • Try to showcase your products in the best possible way.
  • Use high quality platform that supports different advanced e-commerce features.
  • If possible, provide shipping and warranty details.
  • Be transparent and provide accurate details.


Write relevant and straightforward content on your product pages to help users. Most marketers put plenty of information on product pages, which distracts users. So, provide features, benefits, pricing shipping details, etc.


  • Never add boring or mediocre product features.
  • Offer exciting discounts.
  • Write unique descriptions and details for the maximum conversions.
  • Use small CTA buttons.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Understand the rules of e-commerce world.

Customer reviews  

According to a survey, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Hence, add customer reviews and ratings for greater appeal. You should also try to add success stories from trusted sources and happy customers.


  • Enabling customer reviews on your website can have a positive effect on your business’ organic search rankings.
  • The number of positive reviews you have on external websites has a bigger impact on rankings.

Answer queries

You must use FAQ section to answer queries. This will not only help them to shop conveniently, but also improve their understanding.

Make sure you answer all sorts of questions regarding shipping, discounts, payments, security, and your services.


  • Answer everything in detail.
  • Explain features and guide your users.
  • Provide guides and tutorials.
  • Include videos of product usage.

Focus on visibility  

Try to add bright coloured CTA buttons so that they stand out and allow users to take actions. Focus on colour, size and shape as well as functionality of CTA buttons. This will help users to buy products.


  • Perform A/B testing regularly.
  • Offer related products on pages.
  • Use visible buttons.

In this way, you can improve your product pages and maximise your revenues.