Improve the Effectiveness of Your Multichannel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Because of a constant flow of information and brand messaging, online businesses need to devise a strong multichannel marketing campaign. An effective multichannel marketing campaign uses direct and indirect means of communication to reach the targeted audiences.

Here are a few ways to improve the effectiveness of multichannel digital marketing campaigns:

Content marketing

Content marketing is the need of the hour. According to a report, 75% of marketers are still increasing their investment in content.

For the maximum impact, use ClearVoice. It is a unique content creation and marketing platform.

Key Features of ClearVoice:

  • Editorial calendar

  • Campaign management

  • Schedule publication

  • Categorisation/grouping

  • Brand management

  • Audience targeting

  • Assignment distribution management

  • Collaboration on content editing

  • Manages creation and completion process of assignments


  • Improves performance

  • Publishes content on external websites

  • Saves time and efforts

  • Helps to manage content through multi marketing process

  • API to connect and publish to other third-party CMS platforms

Social media

Social media has the ability to make or break your brand. So use Social Campaigns for the maximum results.

  • Social Campaigns help to create a professional-looking Facebook landing page.

Key Features of Social Campaigns:

  • Customizes your campaign

  • Downloadable Content Campaign

  • Free tips, and best practices

  • Creates new, targeted email lists

  • Automatic reminders

  • Mobile friendly campaigns


  • Easy reporting, scheduling and tracking

  • Tailor-made campaign to improve brand’s reach

  • Helps to improve audiences

  • Adobe Social – It provides access to social media campaign and insight into what works best for your brand and audience.

Key Features of Adobe Social:

  • Social intelligence reports

  • Multi-level approval work flow

  • Campaign tracking

  • Mobile accessibility

  • Publishing abilities

  • Data archival and export

  • Social analytics and measurement

  • Content calendar

  • Creative strategy and design


  • Helps to improve posts before they get published

  • Helps to compare the performance of social posts

  • Drag-and-drop features to save time

Marketing Automation

Marketo is an easy-to-use, versatile, flexible and comprehensive marketing software platform. Use it to streamline marketing processes, generate leads, and improve sale’s performance.

Key Features of Marketo:

  • Email Marketing and marketing automation

  • Lead Management

  • Event Marketing and Lead nurturing as well as scoring

  • Social Marketing

Benefits of using Marketo:

  • Helps to generate more high-quality sales leads

  • Minimises work load and delivers fast results

  • Helps to improve revenue

So, embrace the above mentioned multichannel digital marketing campaign strategies to improve your success rate.