Indispensable Ways to Improve the Overall Conversion Rate of a Website

A website reflects the quality and strength of your business. It is no secret that it is all about maximising the return on investment. Studies show that attaining the final objective is dependent on fulfilling a set of protocols, standards and benchmarks. However, it is quite difficult to adjust a website according to the set guidelines.

That’s why it’s necessary to invest time and effort in creating a website that engages the maximum number of audiences because having a miserable web design can dissuade users and eventually decrease ROI.

Here are a few tips and techniques to improve the overall conversion rate of your website:

Game-changing design

Today, most of the business owners use ready-made website templates irrespective of their industry, which is a big mistake. They should choose and customise the template according to their business and industry.


  • Use right frames and margins.

  • Choose industry-specific website themes.

  • Keep your text readable.

  • Make a wise use of the white space.

  • Never ignore information architecture, website structure, and user interface.

  • Use fewer ads.

Eye-soothing colours

According to a study, 90% of product assessments are made on the basis of colour. Hence, carefully choose colours to improve the overall conversion rates.

In fact, you should concentrate on the background colour, foreground colours, text colours as well as the colour of buttons for the maximum advantages.


  • Choose colours according to the business objectives.

  • Maintain consistency.

  • Choose cool colours.

  • Use different colour for Call-to-action buttons.

  • Never use dark shades.

Simple and Attractive Fonts

Many website owners choose fancy fonts, which not only distracts users, but also makes it difficult to read. Hence, always choose simple and attractive fonts to draw the attention of users. Remember, good fonts improve the overall website design and gives it a professional look.


  • Understand the strategic significance of fonts.

  • Always consider compatibility.

  • Focus on load time.

  • Focus on minimal style design.

  • Make use of A/B testing to choose the best typeface.

Build trust by using Logos

One of the best ways to improve the overall quality/visibility/authenticity of your web design is to create a high quality brand logo. It helps you to attract the attention of your audiences.


  • Focus on the proper placement of logos.

  • Logos reflect authenticity, hence, create a professional logo.

  • Incorporate logos that are associated with a famous association.

Intuitive navigation

Whether you are a small business owner or a new start-up, design an intuitive navigation. It will improve user experience as well as conversion rate.

The point is designing a clean navigation is one of the best ways to convert strangers into customers.


  • Plan website’s navigation according to the information.

  • Create drop down menus as well as bottom navigation.

  • Categorize your products properly.

  • Stay away from messy navigation structures.

Website loading speed

According to a study, 40% of users leave a web page, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Shocking, right? So, make sure your website resolves as quickly as possible.


  • If your website is slow, contact your hosting service provider to change the server.

  • Focus on the size, format, and dimensions of the images.

  • Use a standard image editor to crop images.

Great acts are made up of small deeds. So, try these elements to improve the conversion rate of your site.