Making the best of your blog

Blogs have recently suffered some bad press. Increasingly we are seeing people question whether blogs are a good thing or not. Here’s our advice on blogs, whether you should have one and how to make it is high quality as possible. (Read more – The Real Benefits Of Blogging)

Our first piece of advice is that it’s best not to have a blog just for the sake of having one. This is a mistake many businesses make and the result is that many blogs are not regularly updated, or worse, they are but no one reads them!

The first rule of blogging is that regular posting build continuity of readership and encourages regular followers to keep returning. Form an SEO point of view this creates the best for of natural traffic and it is why it is so powerful in your goal of rising in the rankings of the search engines.

The next thing to consider is the theme of subject of your blog. What is your blog for? What is it going to talk about and what do you want to share with your followers? This could be information about the company, advice linked to your own products and services, or it could also be about interesting new information, developments or industry news. Your blog can even be a combination of any of these topics under the banner and specialist subject area of your own industry.

Try to build a thriving community who read your posts, welcome your views and opinions and also give you the very best in terms of interaction and feedback. This takes time. It won’t happen overnight so consider this and take it a step at a time.

Also remember to include video, images and a mix of styles of report, commentary, opinion and friendly conversational style. This will help your reader get to know you, the business and the voice that your blog uses. Think of your blog as a daily diary, report and new letter rolled into one, written by the same friendly, approachable person who represent your company.

Many companies also like to invite guest bloggers to write and this keeps the interest and also ensures that there is variety in style and tone of the blog. Consider having the CEO of your company, some of the team members and industry experts all writing article for your blog every now and again.