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Marketing Automation Tools’ role in your business

As a business owner, you must use advanced marketing automation tools to gain better ROI. A great number of marketing automation tools are available that can increase the overall conversion rates.


According to a study, 80% of marketing automation tool users has increased their leads.


Advanced marketing automation tools not only save time, but also help in improving a company’s brand image.

Here are a few advanced marketing automation tools to use:

Email Marketing Tool

When it comes to email marketing tool, nothing can beat the advanced features of MailChimp. It is a refined tool with extensive capabilities. It helps you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and much more.

MailChimp helps business owners to extend their reach.


  • More than 14 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp.
  • MailChimp is the best way to design, send and share email newsletters.


  • Use MailChimp to improve the overall experience of your users.
  • Use it to convey your messages to the right people at the right time.
  • Use its analytics to monitor sales and website activity.
  • Use MailChimp Snap to send a quick, photo-based email.
  • Use mobile-ready templates for better communication.


Use Automizy to automate your email marketing. It is designed to meet objectives of marketers and business owners. It has incredible features that allow business owners to send bulk messages at affordable rates.

This tool helps you to create amazing newsletters for your customers. You can easily improve your customer base and ROI as well.


  • Automizy is specialised in SAAS startup marketing automation.
  • Automizy helps to send commercial messages to a group of people.


  • Use Automizy’s dashboard to know the rate of success of your campaign.
  • Monitor your bottle necks and improve your efforts.
  • Check the best performing subject lines and content.


If you want to convert your visitors into customers, use Jumplead. It is a popular live chat and messaging tool that helps to attract and engage customers as well as convert new customers.

It is one of the most effective ways of marketing. This tool helps business owners to have live chat with their customers and improve their online experience.


  • Use Jumplead to improve your sales.
  • Use it to record your contacts and conversations.
  • Use its analytics to monitor conversion rates, traffic and campaigns.


This is an easy marketing automation and revenue performance management application for B2B marketers.

Its features help to engage visitors, gather insights through surveys and test email marketing templates.


  • Nurture doesn’t require any IT or software knowledge.
  • Nurture significantly improves lead nurturing and marketing automation.


  • Use Nurture to get real time alerts.
  • Use it to test your email subject lines.
  • Align your dashboard to measure the performance of your campaign.

Use all these powerful marketing automation tools to simplify your marketing task and improve your ROI.