Productivity Enhancing Business Applications for Small Businesses

Today, it is important for online businesses to improve their productivity as well as standard of working. For that, they need to come out of their old school techniques and rely on advanced business applications. Advanced business applications not only eliminate unnecessary paperwork, but also save time, money and efforts.

Here are a few productivity enhancing business applications for small businesses:


Infinit is an intuitive storage and file-sharing application. This application helps businesses to manage and share their files in an effective way.

You will be surprised to know that Infinit can send files 30 times faster than existing file-sharing solutions and it’s free up to 1GB of storage.


  • Use it to send large files in seconds.

  • Use it to simplify file-sharing and save time.


Salesforce is the most flexible, seamless, and versatile CRM tool. Its features includes lead generation, sales forecasting, contact management, and work flow automation.


  • Use affordable and scalable Salesforce to improve the capacity of sales funnel.

  • Use it to manage and improve the relationships with your customers and partners.

  • Use it to increase productivity and improve customer services.


Intuit Quickbooks has a great selection of features for all businesses. This application helps to create invoices, track payments, and manage taxes in real-time.

You can access your QuickBooks account anytime, anywhere with mobile apps.


  • Use this affordable application to view transactions.

  • Use it to manage balance sheets, P&L and tax details.

  • Use it to simplify your bookkeeping needs.


Basecamp is the most popular project-management app. It is easy-to-use and flexible. Use it to attach files, create checklists, track your progress and much more.


  • Use it to organise and centralise your work.

  • Use it for instant communication.

  • Use it to eliminate cost and work complexity.


Remembering an array of passwords can be stressful. LastPass is a great tool that stores unlimited number of account logins as well as facilitates file-sharing.


  • Use it to keep digital records.

  • Use it to share passwords effortlessly.

  • Use it to improve security.


Trello is a fantastic business application for small businesses. It is an efficient, flexible and intuitive task and project management software with invaluable features.

Its boards, lists, and cards enable you to organise and prioritise your projects in a flexible way.


  • Use it for team collaboration.

  • Use it to create and assign task to team members.

  • It helps managers to create check list and upload files.

Of course, there are many applications that can solve business challenges; however, these applications are basic, yet powerful enough to support small businesses.