Project Management & Planning Software Solutions

If you want to plan, organise, and manage resources, use powerful project management and planning software solutions. Project management and planning software helps you to manage projects and resources, streamline work processes as well as track success rate.

Here are a few smart project management & planning software solutions for modern managers:

JIRA Software

This is project management software is great. Use it to capture and organise your team’s issues, prioritise work and take action. It is easy-to-use, flexible, and efficient.

Key Features of JIRA Software:

  • Project Planning and tracking

  • Issue Tracking

  • Code Integration

  • Service Desk

  • Custom Workflow

  • Reporting


  • Helps to improve project’s success and deliver value.

  • Fast and intuitive web interface.

  • Ease of tracking project status.

  • Creates custom reports and monitors team progress.

  • Easy integration with plugins.

Vorex Projects

This is a cloud-based business management solution. It is designed to improve budgeting, forecasting and much more.

Features of Vorex Projects:

  • Project Management and time tracking

  • Expense Tracking and invoicing

  • CRM and Resource Allocation

  • Document Upload & Management

  • Advanced Reporting


  • Simplifies business operations

  • Improves productivity and profitability

  • Improves forecasting, project management, and budgeting

  • Enables strategic growth

Kaseya BMS

This automation platform is designed to handle project management, time tracking & billing, inventory, and CRM. Use it to align your billing and project management task.

Features of Kaseya BMS:

  • Business analysis

  • Custom reporting

  • Expense tracking

  • Billing & invoicing

  • Financial management

  • Inventory tracking


  • Simplifies billing by automatically creating invoices

  • Improves your relationships with customers

  • Saves time and efforts

  • Helps to track inventory, procurement or vendor issues in real-time


This smart software helps to manage customer relationships as well as projects. It is ideal for growing organisations (small & medium business).

Features of Insightly:

  • Powerful email integration with Google Apps/Gmail

  • Tracks Opportunities/Pipelines

  • Custom reporting D

  • Lead assignment and capture

  • Social media integration


  • Improves productivity and internal collaboration

  • Improves efficiency as well as sales


This powerful project management and email integration tool makes it easier to plan, organise and streamline projects. It allows you to stay flexible and consistent.

Features of Accelo:

  • Project planning with Gantt-charts

  • Track milestones, tasks and budgets

  • Powerful Gmail and Outlook/Office365 integrations

  • Automatic email attachment storage

  • Smart and shared client database

  • Tracks time and expenses


  • Improves efficiency as well as leads

  • Improves collaboration and reporting

  • API available for use

  • Integrates with many applications: Twitter, Xero, MailChimp, etc.

  • Provides complete support (online support, phone support, video tutorials)

So, use these project management and planning software solutions to simplify complex task and improve your business’s productivity.