Relevant SEO Techniques for the Maximum Benefits

SEO is dynamic and changes in algorithms make it unpredictable even. In this situation selection of an accurate path is quite difficult for online businesses.

However, a combination of old and new strategies can yield better results. This article is all about different SEO techniques.

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP

According to certain online studies, online businesses should use HTTPS for their websites for better results. Google has officially announced that switching your website over to HTTPS will give your ranking a boost.

Hence, you should use HTTPS version for better rankings. (To make your website secure)


  • HTTPS: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol. (HTTPS, or “secure http”, was developed to allow authorisation and secured transactions.)
  • HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol. (It is a system for transmitting and receiving information across the Internet.)
  • Google prefers trusted and certified websites.

Length of your content

According to several online studies, substantial content (long form content) ranks higher than shorter content on the web.

However, it is important to write fresh and relevant content for your users. Just don’t develop content for backlinks or for the sake of writing long form content.


  • Create content that helps people.
  • Use On-page SEO to optimise your content.
  • Make your content visually attractive.
  • Analyse your competitor’s before developing your content marketing strategy.

URL Length

If possible, keep your URLs short and easy to read because shorter URLs tend to rank better on the web.


  • Use a single domain and sub-domain.(Create logical product and subcategories)
  • Use keywords in your URLs.
  • Use fewer folders.


As a business owner, you should try to achieve high quality backlinks. You can attract quality backlinks by writing research articles, blogs, case studies, whitepapers, charts, statistics, presentations and visually appealing PDFs.


  • Companies that blog on a regular basis have up to 97% more backlinks.
  • Ahrefs crawl 4 billion web pages every day.


  • Use majestic SEO or ahrefs tool to identify your backlinks.
  • Choose paid content distribution sites for better backlinks.

Fix broken links

If you want to improve the experience of users, fix all the broken links. Broken links not only devaluate a website, but also affect its rankings.


  • Use Google Analytics or Xenu Link Sleuth to find broken links.
  • Fix broken links to improve your site’s speed.


If you want to rank higher, create relevant web pages having specific information, write relevant headings, sub headings, and content. In fact, you need to maintain a theme across your website.


  • Use keywords across the website.
  • Plan your web pages according to your objectives.
  • If possible, use exact keyword optimisation technique.
  • Understand how people read/scan web content.
  • Simplify the layout of web pages.

All the above mentioned SEO techniques will help you to achieve high rankings.