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SEO is Essential for Online Stores

Online store owners face challenges like reduced traffic, low ranks, and poor visibility.  So, it is important to focus on search engine optimisation strategies.

Here are a few time-tested search engine optimisation strategies to improve visibility as well as online sales:


  • 81% of shoppers research products online before purchasing.
  • 61 % read products’ reviews before making any purchase.
  • According to a survey, spending on digital marketing is predicted to grow 12% in the next year.

Optimise your online store

 An effective SEO strategy starts with optimisation. In fact, it is the heart of SEO. Without proper optimisation, you’ll never be found on web.


 Use proven SEO techniques to optimise your online store.

  • Write unique product descriptions and titles.
  • Integrate products’ reviews and testimonials.
  • Add product specifications.
  • Use focused SEO tools such as Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool, SEOquake, etc.

Publish content regularly

Content is the backbone of SEO. Without content, you cannot attract users as well as search engines. Keep in mind search engines love original, informative and relevant content.


  • Write creative blogs to boost SEO rankings.
  • Research trendy topics to improve your site’s visibility.
  • Post your blog on your blog site as well as top social media platforms. (LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Make your content attractive by adding visual elements.

Use Quora

 This is one of the best question and answer platforms to connect with users. This platform not only helps you to connect with users, but also helps to build brand image.


  • Never promote your products and services on Quora.
  • Gather complete information before answering queries.
  • Provide detailed answer for better understanding.
  • Use your real name, mention your business name, and have a strong business profile.
  • Monitor and engage users.
  • Use Quora as a market research tool.

Create and publish videos

 Video has the potential to convey specific information in an animated manner. Therefore,  create and publish high quality videos. For the maximum output, publish your videos on YouTube.


  • Create short and interesting videos.
  • Choose the best video creation platform. (You can use Powtoon, Sellamations, VideoScribe, Evaer, Camtasia, etc.)
  • Share your videos across multiple social platforms.


  • Executives always watch work related videos.
  • Businesses use videos in emails to improve engagement.

Use specific conversion optimisation techniques

 Use specific promotional techniques and adjust your online store to drive more conversions.


 Promote your offers on peak holiday seasons.

  • Provide attractive discounts and offers.
  • Include social sharing icons on every page of your site.
  • Offer free shipping. (if possible, provide free return shipping also.)

Use these strategies to improve your site’s visibility.