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SEO Practices That Need To Be Considered

  • Want your website to reflect your brand?
  • Looking for ways to achieve success?
  • Wondering how your peers use SEO?
  • Is your business planning for online marketing?

Today, most online businesses use SEO to build their brand. However, only a few achieve success. In this article, you’ll discover why SEO is useful.

According to certain online surveys, SEO can turn browsers into customers. SEO is a broad term, and has been consistently growing. That is why even the most skilled SEO professionals miss certain essential elements.

Here are a few SEO practices to consider:

Website’s structure

According to certain studies, e-commerce website owners frequently update their website by adding and removing product pages, but they never update structure of their site, which is a big mistake. Hence, you should always update and maintain structure of your site as well as its sitemaps (both html and xml).

URL structure

Most websites have dynamic URL structure, which make it quite difficult for search engines to crawl and index. Therefore, it is always good to choose static URLs over dynamic.

Static URLs not only attract search engines, but also have high click-through rates. In addition to that, static URLs are easy to remember and marketers can use keywords in it.


  • URLs are classified as: static and dynamic.
  • It’s advisable to use static content with static URLs.
  • Google crawls dynamic URLs and interpret different parameters.

Example of a dynamic URL:

Example of a static URL:

Meta descriptions

Many marketers don’t use Meta descriptions, which is a mistake. You must use Meta descriptions to explain your products and services or brand.

You should write apt descriptions to engage both users as well as search engines. For better results, use important keywords in your descriptions.


  • Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the content of web pages.
  • A Meta description should be no longer than 135 – 160 characters.


Try to build a healthy backlink profile of your site. Backlinks play an important role in the overall rankings of a website.


  • Request links from trusted sites.
  • Develop relevant and quality content to attract backlinks.
  • Stay away from link farming and link schemes.
  • Rely on internal and inbound links.
  • Study your competitors to learn new techniques.

Last but not the least, measure your site’s performance and success rate.

All the above mentioned SEO practices will not only improve your website’s performance, but also build your brand.