SEO tactics that really work

If you haven’t already started to plan your SEO strategy for 2014, now is the time to do it. Making a plan which itemizes your tactics, and timetables them for the year, will help you stay on track. It also makes it easier to make adjustments and react strategically throughout the year.

Here are some SEO tactics you should always include in your strategy:

Keywords – If you have not checked and revised your keywords recently, then we advise that you do. It’s worth checking on the performance of your main keywords, and checking for new search strings on a monthly basis, so that your content always contains the right keywords. Trends, interests and language can change very quickly on the internet and you need to stay on top of what your customers are saying, searching for and the terms they are using.

Hire a professional – If you need to, work with a good SEO team who can help you choose the right keywords and tactics, for the maximum impact. With a strong keywords choice, your site is more visible to the bots, and regarded as more readable by new visitors. Develop a selection of tactics with your brand at the forefront of your mind. Be careful not to over use keywords or use any black hat techniques. Google’s Penguin will ignore and penalize flagrant attempts at keyword stuffing and black hat activity.

Regularly post content – Renew the content on your website to keep it fresh and interesting. Also, make sure you share news articles, blog posts and new content pages. This creates a whole range of back links that are natural and acceptable to the bots.

Use your social media – Create a network of ways to chare and post your content as widely as possible. Whatever type of business you are running, it is also always worth keeping your eye on developments within the world of social media, content marketing and internet marketing.

Learning from others – New developments can appear all the time, and there are many hints and tips you can pick up from other experts. Start off this process by following our blog. We’ll be regularly posting news and great tips to help you develop your own SEO.  It is a great way of picking up valuable advice. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, build your network, speak to colleagues, share information, and be open to collaborative approaches to internet marketing. Partnerships can be extremely powerful when it comes to raising visibility and boosting SEO.

These simple tactics, effectively delivered, will help you to increase the impact your website has online. You will increase your audience reach, boost visitor figures, and in turn your rankings will start to climb.