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SEO Techniques and Tools to Gain Unbridled Success

People use SEO techniques to:

  • Improve business’s visibility

  • Improve sales

  • Improve marketing efforts

  • Generate leads

  • Mitigate risks

  • Improve bottom lines

Here are a few SEO techniques:

Optimise for Google Questions

People enter their queries in the search bar to find answers. Hence, include “FAQ page” on your website; this will help them to find answers.

Analyze Competitor Links

Backlinks play an important role in ranking, hence keep on monitoring and analysing your competitor’s backlinks. (Remember – the best backlinks are valuable, relevant, authentic, and from authority web pages.)

You can use these Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Ahrefs

  • Majestic SEO

  • Open Site explorer

  • SEO spyglass

  • Backlink Watch

  • Google Alerts

  • Link diagnosis

  • SEMRush

  • WooRank


This powerful backlink analysis tool allows you to check the number of backlinks of a website.

Features of WooRank:

  • Available in 6 Languages

  • In-depth Reports

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Smart Dashboard

  • KPI Monitoring

  • Marketing Plan

  • SEO audit and backlink analysis.

Optimize CTR

The beauty of this technique is that you can improve a web page’s overall CTR by re-optimising it. For that you need to analyse CTR of every page on Google Search Console. If you find a low CTR of any page, re-optimise it – Add fresh title, description, content, and make it more relevant.


  • Improve and optimise your content

  • Use high quality images

  • Stay relevant

  • Write attractive headlines

Focus on non indexed pages

People optimise and re-optimise pages that are indexed and ignore non-indexed pages, which is a huge mistake.

Use Google Search Console to get a list of non-indexed pages and try to fix them.

Focus on Long-tail Keywords

One of the best SEO techniques is to focus on long-tail keywords. It not only helps to attract traffic, but also improves rankings.

Benefits of long-tail keywords:

  • Less competition than generic keywords.

  • More specific than generic keywords.

  • Can be extremely profitable.


  • Perform detailed keyword research to obtain long-tail keywords.

  • Pick keywords that have high search volume.

  • Use them across the website.

Use AdStage

This is a fantastic solution for creating and managing cross-network pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.

Features of AdStage:

  • Conversion tracking

  • Scheduled reports

  • Custom reports

  • Performance dashboards

  • Multiple ad formats as well as campaign scheduling.

Use the above mentioned tools and techniques and get better ROI.