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SEO tips to use on Twitter

Twitter is not new. It’s been around for a number of years now. But its popularity and audience size is still increasing, and the figures for global Twitter users continue to climb. We thought it would be good to take a quick look at how Twitter can help SEO.

Most people know what Twitter is, but here’s a quick summary. It is the world’s leading micro-blogging social network, letting people share messages, and content in a single short ‘Tweet’. Followers can ‘follow’ your account, re-tweet your tweets, and help spread your content. Account holders can customize the look of their pages to suit a brand, specific campaign.

For SEO, Twitter can be a great way to attract the right people, driving large quantities of traffic to your company website. Here are some of our top tips for boosting your SEO with Twitter.

Use keywords when you are choosing your Twitter username. This may seem a little obvious, but for many early users, they used their own names rather than the company name. Twitter accounts do not take long to set up, and can be run via platforms like Tweet-deck, so don’t shy away from having more than one account. Make sure one of your accounts is the company name, and consider new accounts for specific company brands.

Always Tweet quality content. This is another tip which may seem obvious, but it is a vital aspect of attracting followers and getting good levels of re-tweets and followers. There is an art to writing intelligent, interesting or compelling content in just 140 characters. And it is not easy! Spend some time looking at Twitter, and ‘playing’ on it. You’ll soon pick up the whole concept of short punchy statements and hashtags.

You can also share links, or tinyurls which take followers and readers straight to your own content on a blog, website, YouTube channel, Instagram account, or any another social media page.

Use your Twitter account to back up any marketing campaigns, PPC click campaigns, or any news worthy content you have posted recently to promote your brand.

As you will know, businesses have the opportunity to expose their brands and products to vast audiences using Twitter. If you are clever about the keywords you use, the links you post, and the hashtags you use, it can have a huge influence on your SEO too.