Why SEO works

We are still seeing articles and comments on social media questioning why SEO is needed and if it works. Here are our top reasons on why SEO really works and why you should be using SEO for your business.

SEO saves you – time, money and resources

SEO is one form of marketing that cuts down on the time-consuming, budget guzzling features that can be attributed to many other forms of marketing. SEO can give you results in a much shorter period of time, and in terms of return on investment, it is much cheaper than other more traditional forms of marketing, like cold-calling telesales.

You can target your SEO and attract quality leads

Qualified leads are always better than cold leads. SEO lets you get very specific and target the right people, in the right geographic location. Customers are people who want what you have to sell and SEO is the way to find them, make yourself visible to them, and connect with them.

SEO has longer lasting effects

Buying a traditional advert will have an effect for as long as it can be seen. This is true on and offline. SEO however, will boost your ranking, and increase your visibility, and once you are up there, it is much easier to stay there. Any work on your rankings within search engines will have a continued and long term effect. And the more content you share to create natural activity, the longer lasting it will be.

SEO build traffic to your website

SEO builds traffic to your website there is no doubt about it. Once that traffic has been built up, the rise in rankings will keep the traffic at an optimum level. And the more activity there is, the more back links there will be, also driving more traffic to your website.

Your advertising online is kept update

With SEO advertising like Google AdWords, your adverts will remain fresh and up to date. There is nothing worse, or more ineffective, than an old outdated advert. The nature of keywords and PPC is that you keep it fresh and adjust it to suit the customers’ searches.

If you would like to know more about how SEO can give your business the edge online, and how we can help you to get real results, get in touch, we’ll be happy to talk to you.