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Simple and effective content writing tips for beginners

Worldwide content marketers produce high quality content to gain high traffic and rankings. They understand benefits of content writing and its overall impact on brand building efforts. However, most content marketers fail to attract desired number of audiences because they struggle to streamline their content according to guidelines of digital world.

Here are a few simple and effective content writing tips:

  • Title – A title is the most essential element of any content. It should be apt and precise. In fact, you should keep it under 55 characters to grab the attention of search engines as well as users.
  • Heading and sub-headings –The main heading should be in h1 and sub-headings in h2, h3, h4 and so on.
  • Value added content – Your content should be rich in terms of information. Explain concepts with suitable example.
  • Write substantial articles – According to several online researches, substantial content attract users as well as search engines. This will help you to gain high rankings on SERPs.
  • Quality – Focus on quality to distinguish yourself from your competitors. This will lend credibility and establish your brand in the market.
  • Optimize – Always optimize your content to make it visible to search engines. You should include both short and long-tail keywords for better ranking.
  • Social sharing – Share your optimized content all across the top social media platforms for instant exposure and traffic. (Tip – Always include images in your content before sharing on social sites.)
  • Focused content – Research about your target customers before writing content. Write content that meets the requirements of your target audience.
  • Use grammarly – Use this online proofreading tool to check your grammar and style of writing.
  • Add visual elements – To make your content visible and readable, you need to add appropriate visual elements in the form of images, infographs, videos, etc.
  • Add links – Add both internal and external links to help your readers. This will also make your post more useful.
  • Proofread and edit – Never underestimate the power of proofreading and editing. It will not only improve the quality of content, but also make it flawless.

Follow these simple content writing tips to gain high traffic and rankings.

Quick tips:

  • Always cite sources.
  • Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Update your links.( both internal and external links)
  • Monitor your progress in Google Analytics.
  • Use
  • Add visuals to establish connection with your readers.