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Smart Ways to Optimize a Web Content

Content optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO. SEO experts use various techniques of content optimization. However, they often miss certain key elements, as a result of which they fail to achieve the desired ranking.

Here are a few ways to optimize a web content to make it viral:

  • Mention industry leaders – It is always beneficial to mention industry leaders, their quotes, or the opinion of the most influential authors in your article. This will improve the quality of content.
  • Add valuable elements to your old content – Periodically, add something new to your content, like success stories, expert opinion, etc. (You can also create presentations, videos or even e-books from your old content).
  • E-Books – Make an e-book by combining your multiple articles. This is one of the most effective ways to create valuable resources for your audiences.
  • Share your content at the right time – Timing is everything when it comes to sharing content on social media. It is always good to post on Facebook between 1-3PM for the maximum exposure. 9AM to 3PM is perfect for Twitter.
  • Share your content more than once – This is an important way to improve the visibility of your content. In fact, users from different time zones can read and share your content.
  • Customize your content for different platforms – Each platform is unique and has different customer base, so you should customize your content accordingly.
  • Optimize your content – You should use your keywords all across your content so that it can perform efficiently on different social platforms.
  • Use visual content – “A picture is worth a thousand words”, you must use qualitative and relevant images, infographics and screenshots to engage your visitors. Relevant images and infographics can easily grab your readers’ attention.
  • Respond quickly – You must respond to feedbacks, comments and reviews in a professional manner. This will establish your brand image in the market.

Quick tips:

  1. Never use generic images.
  2. Figure out what your audiences want.
  3. Optimize images.
  4. Create good titles.
  5. Never ignore Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines.
  6. Include exciting and interesting graphs in your articles.
  7. Inspire and reward your readers.
  8. Schedule your content wisely.
  9. Follow industry experts to craft valuable content.
  10. Use well tested techniques of content curation.


Did you know?

  • Rewards programs make customers 85% more loyal.

So optimize your content to gain the maximum number of visitors and build your brand.