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Smart and Robust Social Sales Tools

According to a research, only 15% of sales people are using social media to contact potential customers. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is a strong need for social media awareness amongst sales people. They need to understand the fundamentals and advantages of using social media to improve sales.

Here are a few effective and smart social sales tools:


It is a well-known sales platform. Its intelligent features allow salespeople to scale social interactions in the lead generation process.


  • Helps sales teams to research and track accounts effectively

  • Automatically syncs, updates and sorts the information

  • Helps sales teams to directly engage with leads


It is a social sales and sales intelligence platform that allows salespeople to track a company’s news and social activity through a Facebook-style newsfeed.


  • Helps to build and import targeted lists

  • Provides great sales opportunity

  • Enriches your marketing leads

  • Helps in planning and monitoring

  • Provides email alerts


It is social selling web-based software. It helps salespeople to connect with buyers on social media to drive deals. It also allows them to respond to posts on social media.


  • Improves relationship and ROI tracking

  • Improves personal branding

  • Enables accurate tracking of social selling

  • Detailed analytical features

  • Easy-to-navigate platform


It is insightful contact management and social relationship software. It is designed to help sales professionals to build better relationships across all social channels.


  • Helps to discover, listen and engage with individuals

  • Improves lead generation opportunities

  • Helps to identify valuable prospects

  • Assignment, calendar and event scheduler

  • Improves business growth


It is effective and productive social media management and scheduling software.


  • Helps to track campaign results

  • Helps in automatic content scheduling

  • Updates multiple networks

  • Fine-tunes your team

  • Gathers intelligence

  • Builds social analytics reports


It makes social selling efficient by automating the overall process of lead generation with the help of social media.


  • Helps you to reach your target prospects

  • Helps you to identify in-market prospects

  • Engages new prospects through multiple channels

  • Improves CRM

  • Assists to achieve business objectives

So, whether you want to reach your target prospects or to dramatically escalate your sales, use the above mentioned tools.