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Smart Features and Benefits of Drupal

When it comes to content-management system, nothing can beat Drupal. It is one of the best and flexible open source content-management frameworks written in PHP.

Drupal is developer’s friendly, fast, free, secure and robust. It offers a great number of themes so that people can build their blogs, websites, etc. according to their objectives.


  • Great content management system (CMS) and development platform.
  • Rich content publishing features.
  • 5 million unique visitors every month.
  • Reliable, secure and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Over 1,000,000 websites run on Drupal.
  • With Drupal you can configure a website in more than 80 languages.
  • You can install Drupal modules by visiting

Here are a few smart benefits of using Drupal:

Open source software

Drupal contains a large number of free themes/modules, which help business owners to slash down their web development cost. In fact, it offers multilingual features at no cost.

Rapid deployment

 This versatile content-management framework enables businesses to deploy useful features and functionality.  In fact, it is much easier to change and update Drupal framework.

“Drupal provides an intuitive taxonomy engine, allowing merchants to maintain critical product catalogues, categories, and websites”.


When it comes to customisation, nothing can beat Drupal. Developers can easily customise its features, modules, layout, and design. Drupal apparently offers a wide variety of choice to developers.

Enterprise-class software

Drupal is an ideal Enterprise-class software because it is flexible, reliable, measurable, secure and user friendly. Developers can integrate it with other applications for fast and effective business operations. One of the biggest advantages is that its themes are easy to configure and update.


Drupal framework is completely SEO-friendly.   This shows that this framework helps to keep pace with the rising expectations of consumers.

 “Drupal framework has the ability to improve customer’s experience”.

 Extensive API support

Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, and other platforms provide complete application programming interface (API) support  to Drupal framework. Designers and developers can create their own custom modules by utilising well-documented API.


 Mobile trend is changing the customer journey, as 96% of people now use smartphones to get things done. Drupal also allows smart device users to view Drupal website in a convenient manner. This is the most beneficial feature for business owners because it can bring more leads and improve their revenues.

“Drupal provides simple drag+drop interface”.


  • Editors and content marketers can edit text easily.
  • You can use “version-control system” to monitor configuration changes.
  • Drupal has excellent support for industry standard accessibility technologies, so you can use various internet applications.
  • Use Drupal if you want high speed sites because its cacheing is completely automatic.
  • Use Drupal to use outstanding external libraries.
  • Use it to make quick changes and use great online tools.

In a nutshell, Drupal help developers to make high-quality and fully featured websites. So, use Drupal framework according to your requirements.