Social Media Tools for Impressive Presence

If you want to gain success in the social media world, you need to make use of unified, coordinated and advanced form of social media tools. Modern social media tools are designed to assist businesses and accelerate their performance.

Here are a few time-tested social media tools:


This is really a great tool for creating videos. Whether you are a storyteller or a content marketer, use this tool to create videos. It is flexible and a user friendly tool.


Use this editor to edit your photos, text and much more. It offers the best filters, fonts, overlays and frames, and extra-beautifying touch up tools to create high quality photos.

This tool is particularly helpful for all those who use Pinterest and Instagram.


This is the, simplest, result oriented, affordable and productive video editor that allows people to create high quality videos. (You can add titles, animations, music, transitions, and more.) Use it to create professional and effective videos.


 It is important to keep track of social trends. Use this intelligent tool to analyse your competitor’s content marketing strategies in an organised way.

Google Analytics

For marketers and business owners, it’s important to be connected to absolute data at all times. That is why it is essential to use GA. Google analytics is the most insightful tool for marketers.

It helps them to study their websites’ overall performance. It gives consolidated statistical data so that marketers can make smart decisions.


Use this powerful tool to get factual data. You can use it to compare/analyse historical data and to identify keywords; locations, referrers, tweets, etc. driving traffic.

Its dashboard and reporting features are intuitive and provide seamless experience to users. It also offers comprehensive and insightful reports.


If you want to increase your fans on Twitter, use Manageflitter. This effective tool helps you to follow only relevant people. Use it to follow, unfollow and bio-section of people.

Open Site Explorer

Use this simple and easy-to-use tool to identify link building opportunities, domain authority, research backlinks, etc. You can also use it to view social activity and analyse anchor text.


 Use this smart and quick Website Speed Test tool to analyse the page load speed of your sites. This tool helps you to learn how to make sites faster by fixing technical and serious issues.


This fully featured hashtag analytics tool offers a comprehensive analytics suite to know the impact and reach of your actions on Twitter. It shows every detail (most shared images and links) in graphical format. It swiftly combs through Twitter data to give you meaningful insights.

So, gain intelligence and confidence and improve your social media marketing activities with these powerful social media marketing tools.