Some of our top SEO tips

Every so often, we’ll be sharing some of our top SEO tips to help you develop your own SEO tactics, and improve your rankings.

If you want to find out more, keep following our blog, we’ll be writing about each of these tips, in detail, over the coming weeks.

Some of our top SEO tips:

Title each page on your website with clever focus on keywords. Your company name is not as powerful as keywords. Unless you have a very well-known brand name, your company name will not get a large number of searches.

Keep refreshing your content. Websites that remain static, unchanging and unloved are soon ignored by the search engines. Blogs and updates, at least three times per week, are the best way of keeping the content on your website fresh, and maintaining the interest of the bots.

Check the links on your site. Do they use keywords? Or are you linking to anonymous terms like, ‘Click here’ or ‘Go here.’ Change those useless links to more meaningful keyword links, today!

Improve your keyword choice by focussing on natural language search phrases, rather than single keywords. The nature of searching on the internet has changed, and your keywords should be responding to the changes.

Make sure your website has been designed and optimized with SEO in mind. Your web designer should understand how to design a site that is suited to today’s organic SEO needs. Avoid Flash and using huge meaningless images with no labels. Remember, the search spiders cannot see Flash animations or images, they are looking for text.

If you have a new web page, or a sister site, you will need the search engines to pick it up and list it quickly. The best way of achieving this, is by having another well used, high quality site link directly to it. We have found this to be much faster than traditional methods of submitting a URL to a search engine, which can take several weeks.

After recent algorithm updates, the spiders are more attracted to regular updates, and content which appears naturally and regularly. Make sure you have a blog or news update that is updated regularly, so you can keep the spiders happy. This is relevant for Social media too, especially Twitter and Facebook. Their search engines list the most recently used, and visited pages first and their content can be seen by the Google bots too.

Be careful when you are link building. One very good link will reap better results for you than many cheap, fake or low quality links. Spend the time developing your business network, and connecting with other quality sites, rather than wasting it posting dodgy links all over the place. Low quality back links can do you more harm than good.

The search engines are looking for natural content, and natural traffic. Avoid, fake likes, fake comments, spamming, and over stuffing with keywords. These activities are all guaranteed to reduce your rankings, and could result in an outright ban from the search engines.