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Suitable Social Media Tools to Accelerate Business Performance

Businesses always want to use social media to:

  • Increase their brands’ awareness,

  • Drive traffic,

  • Generate new leads,

  • Improve return on investment,

  • Boost brand engagement.

However, most of the time, they fail to choose the right social media tools.

Here are a few social media tools to choose from:


If you want to increase social media following, use Quuu. It is a well known, hand-curated content suggestion platform that helps content marketers to share their content.


  • Use it to enhance customer engagement.

  • Use it to save time.

Snaplytics (Analytics platform for Snapchat)

Snaplytics provides you with all the insightful metrics. This platform allows you to track your influencer marketing efforts.


  • Use it to track your growth.

  • Use Snaplytics to track your followers and their activities.


This is the most appropriate tool for making the most of your social media content. This tool allows you to aggregate as well as monitor social media posts from Twitter and Instagram. You can analyse posts and publish them.


  • Use it to create feeds for specific hashtags or accounts.

  • Track and respond to relevant Twitter and Instagram posts.

  • Use it to gain an in-depth understanding of social media efforts.

  • Use it to improve your social presence.

This tool helps you to streamline and optimise all of your marketing efforts. It allows you to listen on social media sites, engage with your customers, manage and publish your content, and much more.


  • Use it to build responsive pages and measure your performance.

  • Use it to increase operational efficiency.

  • Use it to align your social, online and offline content marketing activities.

  • Collect social media insights on a specific topic.

  • Create responsive campaigns.

  • Use it to improve relationships with your customers.


This is a standalone app by Twitter to help you manage Twitter profiles. This is an ideal Social media listening and engagement tools that provides you with more data about your profile as well as tweets.


  • Use it to connect with your Twitter fans and followers.

  • Use Engage to make and share content.

Postreach (content performance measurement tool)

PostReach is the finest platform that helps you to understand your traffic sources and the audience talking about your content/brand/products/services online.


  • Use it to track, measure and quantify the performance.

  • Access it to get quick analytical reports.

  • Use it to improve your content marketing strategies.


Use this effective and impressive custom URL shortener tool to create, brand, share, track and edit branded short links to improve your marketing efforts. (Download its browser extension to quickly rebrand any link)


  • Use it to improve click-through rates.

  • Manage all of your Links with Rebrandly.

  • Use it for conversion tracking, A/B Testing, click fraud monitoring.

  • Use it to improve your brand’s visibility.

So, use these smart social media tools to maximise the potential of your business.