Use Pinterest to market your Business

If you want to:

  • Market you business
  • Sell your products
  • Build your brand

All you need to do is to choose Pinterest one of the most powerful platforms.

Pinterest allows people to organise and share different type of visual content. In fact this is the right platform to tell your story and share experiences in the form of images, videos and infographics.

According to a study, nearly 75% of Pinterest users have purchased through this platform or have been influenced to purchase directly.

“Pinterest has become an inevitable and invaluable social platform for businesses”.

Here are a few tips for Pinterest users:

Optimize your profile

To gain optimum advantage, optimise your profile. Make sure it reflects your brand.


  • Keep a simple username.
  • Always register for a Business account.
  • Always access analytics to track your profile’s performance.
  • Promote your pins and make use of Rich Pins.
  • Update your photo.
  • Add keywords to your description.

Optimize your boards

If you want to get instant visibility on Pinterest, optimise your boards. For that, you must:

  • Categorise your board
  • Give suitable titles
  • Keep your titles specific
  • Write clean and optimised board description.

Pinterest is all about sharing alluring images“.

Get the right image

 Pinterest is all about sharing high-quality images. So, use crisp and high-resolution images to attract the maximum number of visitors.

Also, try to share vertical images for better results. (75% of all Pinterest traffic comes through mobile, and vertical images look great on mobile and tablets.)


  • Write text on images.
  • Use colourful images.
  • Use Canva to re-size images.

Pinterest can easily increase sales and brand awareness“.

 Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are vital for a Pinterest Business profile. They are the enhanced version of a “normal” pin that provide additional information that help to promote a business. (There are 6 types of Rich Pin: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.)


  • Use Rich pin for extra benefits.
  • Remain active all the time.
  • Track performance.
  • Fix broken links (if any).

Have a Pinterest-friendly website

To get extra advantages, make your website Pinterest-friendly. For that, you need to:

  • Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your site’s images.
  • Add a follow button.
  • Never leave Alt tags blank.

Pinterest is a powerful promotional tool especially for online businesses“.

 Make use of contests

 Contests are an excellent way to improve interactions, build identity and make people aware. Use Pinterest business guidelines to start a contest.


  • Create a brilliant landing page for contests.
  • Make it easy to enter in the competition.
  • Use beautiful images and captions.
  • Clearly define the rules and regulations as well as the winning amount.
  • Join group boards to advertise contest.

“Pinterest helps to gain and retain trust of customers”.


If you want a cutting-edge advantage, promote your profile. For that, you must:

  • Connect all your social accounts to Pinterest.
  • Create Pinterest albums.
  • Add free Pinterest app.

 So, enjoy the flavour of success by using and optimising Pinterest.