Use Storify to Improve Your Brand Image

Storify is a popular social network service that helps users to create and share stories using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Worldwide business owners use it to spread messages and connect with customers.

Marketers love to use it because it allows them to create fresh stories around their products and services. They can add text, images and other elements to convey their messages.


  • Storify is the best platform to share photos, videos and stories.
  • Storify is a good platform for curating stories.
  • Storify is interactive, dynamic and social.
  • Marketers use it to increase qualified website traffic.

Here are a few advantages of using Storify:

Helps to develop stories

Storify is a great platform to attract users. People use it to create and share their interactive and dynamic content or stories.


  • Use Storify to share breaking news, videos and interesting stories.
  • Import content from various sources and share it in a new way.

Ease of finding stories

Use editor of Storify to browse through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to gather information. You can comb these networks to collect images, stories, articles, videos of your interest.

SEO benefits

One of the biggest advantages of using storify is that whenever you share a fresh story through it, it attracts search engines and users, which eventually helps to improve website rankings.


  • Create engaging and visually attractive stories.
  • Engage customers by offering helpful content.

Attracts audiences

If your website is struggling to attract audiences, you should use Storify. Use it to create useful tutorials to resolve the problems of users.


  • Create ‘how-articles’ and ‘tutorials’ for the maximum user engagement.
  • Share articles and blogs on a regular basis.
  • Give credit to original sources.


Storify helps to engage the maximum number of users. You should encourage likes, comments and feedbacks and reply them.


  • Use Storify to improve your digital identity.
  • Storify is the best way to tell the world who you are.
  • Create evergreen content for your users.
  • Use Storify to improve your business’s leadership.

So, Storify can improve customer interaction and brand image.