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Ways to improve Google Rankings

  • Want SEO strategies to improve your brand’s identity?
  • Want to know Google ranking factors?
  • Looking for ways to create an indelible presence on the web?
  • Want to attract your target audiences with a well-planned SEO approach?

Find out how to achieve this:


The title and description tags are the strongest signal for a search engine. Therefore, use them according to your page content. This helps search engines to find and rank your web page.


  • Use short and long-tail keywords in your title and description tags, H1 tags and content for better visibility.
  • Write fresh content for each page.
  • Never use duplicate title and description tags.
  • If possible, use keywords in your URL.

Site structure

Some marketers underestimate the power of sitemaps, which is a big mistake. It is important to create a sitemap because it helps search engine to index all the pages of your website.

You also need to make your website mobile friendly. “Mobile-friendly websites provide a better user experience”.


  • Verify your website at Google Webmasters Tool and Bing Webmasters Tool.
  • Add tracking codes to your website. (Google analytics)
  • Keep your sitemap updated.
  • Use breadcrumb navigation to help users.
  • Create a responsive mobile website.
  • Mobile optimised sites improve rankings, so optimise it accordingly.


Google always consider the number of domains linking to your website. Therefore, always try to achieve quality backlinks from high domain authority sites.

It is a fact that links to web pages with higher domain authority are more important than those on low authority domains.


  • Always request backlinks from high domain authority sites.
  • Keep a track of do follow and nofollow


Both Google and Bing use page load speed as a ranking factor. Therefore, you must optimise website to improve its overall loading speed.


  • Use few videos.
  • Optimise images as well as code.
  • Downtime may harm your online credibility as well as rankings.
  • Use a few tracking codes.
  • Switch to high performance servers for better website’s performance.


Identical content on the same site may attract penalty from search engines. So, write original content for every page. If possible, write fresh product and service descriptions.


  • Never spin or tweak your content. (Google prefers fresh content.)
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Focus on the length.
  • Use keywords across the content.
  • Use bullet and numbered list.
  • Thematically organise your content.
  • Always proofread and edit your content before publishing.
  • Use facts and statistics to make your content authentic.


In order to strengthen your website’s structure, rely on internal linking. Too many outbound links are not SEO friendly.


  • Use internal linking method.
  • Identify and remove broken links.
  • Use anchor text wisely.
  • Rely on contextual Links.

There are many Google rankings factors; however, the above mentioned factors are important when it comes to achieving rankings.