8 Effective Tools and Resources to Create Great Presentations

Creating effective presentations is a difficult task. It requires great skills, experience, creativity, exclusive content, beautiful slides and out-of-the-box promotional plans. However, the success often depends on the quality of information to be disseminated. Therefore, in order to achieve success, you need to provide relevant information (credible facts, research reports, figures and original content) in your slides.

Here are a few tools and resources to create great presentations:

  1. Phlo – Phlo is one of the best search boxes that helps in searching a specific topic across all popular search engines. You can add your favourite sites for an accurate search.
  2. Papers – This is an exclusive library for research. It helps you to collect and curate the research material systematically. You can highlight, underline, strike through and add sticky notes with its help.
  3. Google Scholar – This will help you to search scholarly articles, specific literature, abstracts, research papers, comprehensive analytical work of scholars and academic records as well as other published material on varied subjects.
  4. Buzzsumo – It is one of the most effective and professional content research and monitoring tools. You can use it to search a current topic. (Fact – BuzzSumo has various extraordinary & advanced features that can add value to your content.)
  5. Flipboard – This is the best organized online resource to research content from social networks, publishers, and other authentic online sources. You can extract content for your slides from this site.
  6. FeedlyThis is the most popular place to read your favourite newspapers, magazines and blogs in order to obtain content of your choice.
  7. Scribd – This is the most spectacular and open platform for publishing and sharing documents. You can also find business presentations, academic papers and top publications here.
  8. World Health Organization – Its research portal provides access to data and analysis for monitoring the global health situation. You can use it to fetch health related information.

All these tools and resources will help you to create the most effective and impressive presentations. However, you also need to promote them wisely on the web to get instant exposure.

Quick facts:

  • 45 percent of the presentations on SlideShare have 10 to 30 slides, with an average of 24 words per slide.
  • SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • The top 5 traffic users of SlideShare were blogger, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter.