Why HootSuite is Important for Your Online Business?

HootSuite is the most popular platform to send and schedule multiple tweets on the same platform. It is easy to use and understand. Social media marketing managers use HootSuite in order to disseminate information as well as engage customers. No doubt, this is the best platform to stay connected with your audiences.

Here are a few reasons to use HootSuite for your online business:

  • Security – Hootsuite secures login details and profiles to keep businesses protected. It protects accounts from internal and external social media threats. It also keeps your passwords safe irrespective of your devices.
  • Engagement – Hootsuite gives you a wide scope for your social media activity. You can easily respond to messages and comments through a single interactive dashboard. In addition, you can create, import and share lists of social influencers and other important clients.
  • Time saving – Social media marketing managers use Hootsuite because it is the most versatile, effective and time saving platform that can easily handle complex tasks.
  • Multiple tabs – Hootsuite enhances the capabilities by offering multiple tabs to the marketers. Marketers can use multiple tabs to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Analytics – Advanced analytics of Hootsuite is helpful for the marketers to understand about the performance of your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can track performances of your daily activities, get quantifiable insights, measure content reach and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Collaboration – You can efficiently manage your multiple accounts while avoiding duplicate work. You can easily manage social media tasks and responses and save your time as well. No doubt, you can streamline your operations irrespective of the complexity of the task.
  • Instant data publishing – Hootsuite is the best platform to explore, manage and publish a compelling content for your audiences.
  • Access real time data – You can access the real time data and filter results according to your specific requirements. You can act quickly to understand and manage any situation.

No doubt, you can manage your social networks (Twitter, Facebook Profiles & Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Google+ Pages (not personal profiles), Foursquare, Instagram, etc.) through Hootsuite in a productive manner to grow your business seamlessly. In addition, social media marketing managers use Hootsuite to extend their reach, tap significant opportunities, measure their efforts; establish brand’s identity and improve their customer base.

Quick facts:

  • Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media.
  • Hootsuite says company is now cash flow positive (as of July 2016), and has 10 million users.