Some tips on the proper use of images for your content and social media.

An essential part of good quality content is the image. And it is important whether the content if for a blog, website or for social media. However, we continue to notice that many people use images they find via Google image search. This could get you in to serious trouble! There has been a great […]

Some great tips for improving your blog

Blogs are one of the best ways of regularly sharing news and information with your target audience. It is also a wonderful way to build a rapport with your readership and let them get to know your brand better. This may initially sound like marketing jargon, but it really is an important aspect of effective […]

Keep your content fresh by updating it regularly.

Do you update the content on your website often? Or has it looked the same since the day it was launched? Hopefully you change it fairly regularly. From an SEO point of view, keeping your website content fresh, and updating it regularly will have a positive effect, and make a real contribution to your search […]

Converting visitors is not easy but here are some easy tips to help you

We are often approached by clients with a simple request – please convert the visitors to my website! This is not as simple as it sounds, as many of you who have a website will know. Attracting visitors to a site involves one set of tactics, and then keeping them and converting them into customers […]

Some great tips for boosting SEO with your blog

A huge number of our clients have blogs, and we know that the number of blog writers world-wide is growing at an incredible rate. That’s a lot of competition! We thought it would be useful to share some excellent tips for how to boost SEO with your blog. These tips will help attract more people […]

Content Marketing will directly influence your SEO

If you follow our blogs and articles you will already know that we are great advocates of high quality content. As professional SEO and internet marketing specialists, it is our job to help clients boost their rankings with all the major search engines. We believe that without excellent content, long lasting and effective SEO is […]

Facebook brings more quality content to our newsfeeds

News has been announced that Facebook will be improving how it ranks news items. The changes will bring more breaking news to users’ newsfeeds by giving it a higher ranking in importance. This is great news. For a long time now Facebook users have been despairing of the trivial trash they are subjected to first […]

Breaking news from Google and App developers

News was recently shared on Google’s Inside Search blog. For Android users in the USA, their search results will now include apps. In addition, users that are logged in to their Google accounts will also see links to the apps they have already downloaded. The update only affects users who are on Android 2.3 or […]

Festive SEO Do you wish you had started planning sooner?

We have had a busy week hearing from companies eager to try and boost their SEO during this festive season. While there are a number of things that can be done to boost things a little, we must say, the best Festive SEO is planned and implemented during the summer, when we are all thinking […]

Why are hashtags so important for SEO?

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. They are the way you make your content searchable. If you have business accounts on any of the social media platforms you will benefit from the clever use of hashtags. Hashtags are like little mini keywords, putting your content right in front of the people who are looking for […]