Don’t apologize for your marketing

We are seeing a growing trend amongst online businesses. They are increasingly being apologetic about the nature of selling. It seems that many businesses are reacting to an increasingly anti-marketing consumer, by almost pretending not to be selling. And instead, they are taking a far more apologetic route in their tone and approach. What we […]

How to improve your weekly email blast

You do send out a weekly email blast, don’t you? If you don’t, we strongly suggest that you do. A weekly email blast is still a powerful way to communicate with your customers. We acknowledge that in recent times the email as suffered a decline in popularity, especially from customers. However, this is because some […]

Tips for article marketing

Article marketing has been getting some bad press lately. A number of industry blogs have highlighted article marketing as an annoying result of the spam culture online. We can’t disagree with this opinion, it is hardly unsurprising, when a simply search online will reveal the vast amount of terribly written articles there are online, claiming […]

Use LinkedIn to improve your professional reputation

We heard a comment the other day that shocked and surprised us. A business owner was heard to say, “I don’t bother with LinkedIn, it is of no use to me. I’m not interested in job hunters and there are no customers on there.” The reason we were surprised by this comment is because it […]

Update your website regularly to keep it fresh.

Recently published statistics suggest that over 70% of websites remain untouched for months at a time. To be fair, we are not sure how this statistic could be easily established, short of continuously visiting all the websites regularly over a long period of time. However, we do believe there is some truth in it. Many […]

Competitions are great ways to boost your visibility and give SEO a helping hand.

In the past, retail business, and hospitality businesses have been the sectors of industry most likely to take advantage of competitions as a way of promoting and marketing a brand. However, recently the trend has grown and increasing numbers of companies from a hugely diverse range of industries are running competitions. Here are some of […]

Is SEO just about rankings?

Although some companies would have you believe it, the answer to this question is no. Good quality, effective SEO is about far more than just search engine rankings. We have said it before but we often wonder if the term SEO should be changed to something more accurate to what SEO really means today, like […]

Promoting yourself effectively online

We have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries from individuals who wish to promote themselves as experts or professionals in their field. Amongst this group of enquirers are scientists, writers and entrepreneurs. They see the value in developing their own personas and names online. This is an exciting new development for us. In the […]

How to boost SEO with a weekly email blast

Do you send out an email blast to existing customers and people on your mailing list? If you do, here are some tips to help you use this type of communication to boost activity on your website and positively influence your rankings on search engines. If you follow our blog you will know we are […]