Are special offers really a good thing?

One way of increasing traffic to a website or social media page is to create an offer. Giving potential customers a free gift or a discount offer is a tried and tested method of attracting interest and successfully engaging new customers. But are there any down-sides to offers? Here are our thoughts. The old saying, […]

Is your website local search friendly?

Many businesses are trying to attract local customers. Not every website on the internet is attempting to attract a global audience. Local search optimization is vital for those companies who rely on local customers for their revenue. Some examples of this are restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, boutiques, and local retail stores, local services like garages or […]

Are the Googlebots bored of your website? If they are, how do your customers feel?

As you will probably know, effective SEO involves a variety of tactics which increase the visibility of a website. SEO makes sure the website is seen by the Googlebots and search engine spiders. Once you have updated your keywords, improved your content, and invested in campaigns like pay per click or Google AdWords, what do […]

Using trending topics to encourage social media users to visit your website

Effective internet marketing is all about being clever with timing, promotions and content. One way to attract people to your website is to use trending topics. You may think the trending topics popular on social media have little to do with your business but that is not the case. Every day, online, you will see […]

Don’t be an internet faker – it could cost you far more than money.

No doubt you will have read about companies that have made the mistake of purchasing fake followers, or created fake customer reviews. While it may be tempting to engage in this activity yourself, or to pay a company to do it for you, it can actually be a costly exercise. Customers don’t like brands that […]

Do you include YouTube in your marketing strategy?

YouTube continues to be a huge influencer for all sorts of brands, companies, and celebrities online. It is also still one of the most powerful ways for ordinary people and small companies to get huge exposure for free, or for very little outlay. If you are not using YouTube to market your business, we strongly […]

Using social media sign-ups can help your conversion rate and boost rankings

What is your web visitor conversion rate like? When a new visitor arrives at your website, how long do they stay and do they return? Do you gather their information and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with them? If your website is not achieving all these things, or your conversion rate is low, […]

Google goes into competition with Santa!

If you have young children in your family, there is no doubt you will have heard of the popular Christmas site – NORAD Tracks Santa. The site is loved all over the world as THE best way to follow Santa’s progress around the globe as he delivers gifts to billions of children at lightning speed. […]

Developing a great content marketing strategy

When you are busy running your own business, and looking after clients and customers, it can be extremely difficult to devote time and energy to other areas of business development that need your attention. There are many business owners who feel like this, and this is where we come in. Here at Indazo we have […]